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Fibromyalgia - what is it? Symptoms and treatment, signs of the disease

What it is?

A disease that is rarely diagnosed the first time is fibromyalgia. It manifests itself as an extensive chronic symptom complex based on pathological processes in the endocrine and central nervous system caused by the deficiency of certain hormones and the enzymatic deficiency of catecholamines - neurotransmitters involved in the regulation and control of mental functions.

This deficiency leads to the development in humans of a low pain sensitivity threshold. And the usual, for a healthy person, physical, emotional, or temperature effects in patients with fibromyalgia are accompanied by severe pain symptoms and a violent psycho-emotional response (chronic fatigue, depression ...).

There is also a version of the genetic inheritance of pathology, which is manifested under the influence of certain triggers:

  • emotional stress;
  • physical injuries and surgeries;
  • viral infections;
  • medication and vaccines;
  • systemic diseases;
  • disruptions in the endocrine system.

There is fibromyalgia in adults and children, but more often women are affected.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia - signs of illness


Difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of fibromyalgia are that its symptoms can vary in different degrees of severity, manifested in different patients in different ways - in a mild or severe, daily or periodically, renewing, after a long time.

The most characteristic signs include manifestations:

1) Pain syndrome arising by a single localization, or in several anatomical zones, manifested by pain in the muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

The classic painful points are areas of the body of the occipital and cervical areas, especially painful touch and slight pressure on the sites of pain points located on the back, elbows, hips and knees.

The nature of pain in fibromyalgia, can be aching, stabbing, burning and throbbing, causing paresthesia (numbness) and tingling unpleasant sensations. There is a cyclic severity of pain, depending on the change of weather conditions (cold, humidity ...), physical exertion, past infections, emotional breakdowns (depression and anxiety).

2) Morning muscle stiffness.

3) Fatigue , expressed in various degrees - a slight constant, a feeling of complete loss of strength, severe mental fatigue. This factor causes many patients difficulties in everyday life.

4) Cognitive impairment , in the form of difficulties to concentrate, to memorize, perceive, or process new information.

5) Insomnia , manifested by bursts of brain activity, interrupting even the deepest sleep. The patient wakes up with a feeling of tiredness, even after a seemingly long and restful night of sleep.

Other signs of fibromyalgia syndrome include:

  • painful reaction to noise, odors, photosensitivity;
  • functional bowel disorders (IBS);
  • painful menstrual cycles;
  • neurological movement disorders (sc).

Fibromyalgia treatment, drugs and diagnosis

Fibromyalgia treatment, drugs

What is fibromyalgia, how to treat such a problem - they know neurologists, rheumatologists and reflexologists. Treatment involves an integrated approach based on differential diagnosis, which excludes diseases similar in signs, since routine diagnostics, including laboratory tests, cannot provide a definite answer.

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is confirmed on the basis of certain criteria for anamnesis:

  • Manifestations of diffuse (common) pain for three months or more;
  • The presence of a characteristic symptom complex;
  • Counting pain zones, marked by the manifestation of the past seven days.

The consequences of fibromyalgia lesions are difficult to treat. Therapy is complex and long-term, with the consultation and involvement of many specialists in the treatment process. Use the appointment of individual courses of drug and non-drug therapy.

Drug treatment of fibromyalgia with drugs is aimed at eliminating pain symptoms and correcting sleep disorders.

  1. Among the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroid drugs Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or their analogues are effective.
  2. Tricyclic and atypical antidepressants - Surmontil, Fluoxetine, Tofranil, or Duloxetine. Reducing pain, eliminating anxiety and depression, normalizing sleep.
  3. It is also envisaged that the treatment of fibromyalgia with antiepileptic drugs, eliminating the manifestation of neuropathic pains of different genesis, is “Gabapentin” and “Pregabalin”, these drugs have a faster action than antidepressants.

As a non-drug methods are used:

  • Reflex therapy techniques aimed at changing the blood circulation and controlling the enzymatic level of neurotransmitters (catecholamines) responsible for the regulation of pain.
  • Manual therapy techniques that reduce muscle pain, relax them and increase the volume of articular movements.
  • Massage procedures to relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and anxiety.
  • Various exercises of physical therapy, designed to improve mood and muscle state, normalize the functional activity of the central nervous system.
  • Practices of meditation, relaxing and facilitating the function of deep breathing, helping to control the symptom complex of the disease.

What could be the forecast?

Such a mysterious ailment as fibromyalgia does not represent a mortal danger for the patient, does not progress, and does not infect the internal organs, vessels, and joints.

But its chronic course, without proper qualified treatment, can ruin the whole further life, even of the most resistant patient, manifesting itself as a restriction of activity and psychoemotional discomfort.


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