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Diet six petals - menu for every day

Anyone who wants to be slim and wants to get rid of a certain amount of extra pounds knows that without increased physical activity and adherence to a certain nutritional system, the result is unattainable. Unfortunately, this is only weight gain, easy, tasty and imperceptible, and the reverse process requires the inclusion of existing reserves of willpower and purposeful efforts.

Diets aimed at losing weight, there are a great many. It is not difficult to choose a food system that is comfortable for you, because the main thing is the goal, an irresistible desire and faith in achieving the final result. A decent place in the top five diets is taken by a diet with the romantic name “Six Petals”, developed by nutritionist Anna Johansson and becoming popular all over the world.

Impressive results can be achieved in just 6 days, with all the recommendations of the author of the diet. According to doctors, a six-petal diet brings tangible health benefits, thanks to the release of intestines from fecal blockages, detoxification of the body, normalization of digestion processes, activation of metabolic processes, and allows you to get rid of 2 to 5 kg per week.


What is the essence of the diet six petals?

Diet six petals

Separate meals are assumed for each of the six days, that is, only one type of food is present in the diet. Proper alternation of meals mobilizes the body's hidden reserves, activates the metabolism and stimulates fat loss processes. The diet is tolerated easily due to the absence of an overwhelming feeling of hunger.

One of the most important psychological moments of the diet - the individual manufacture of the flower for weight loss (hence the name of the system).

Before starting a diet, a person cuts out six colored petals from paper or cardboard, numbers and labels them (which product is allowed on a given day), and sticks them on a round heart.

The flower is placed in a prominent place, for example, on a refrigerator or a kitchen cupboard, and each stage of the diet passed is marked by a solemn tearing off of a petal.

  • The author claims that in such a simple way, the subconscious is given a setting for not returning the burned kilos and securing the achieved result.

According to reviews of men and women who have lost weight on the petal diet, strictly adhering to the proposed menu, from 0.5 to 0.8 kg are lost per day, and the amount of body fat in the body decreases significantly, while muscle mass increases. This is due to a reasonable sequence of protein and carbohydrate days, or peculiar one-day mono-diets.

Features of the diet

Food to be cooked (meat, fish, cereals), boiled, baked or steamed. Fried foods are excluded. The same applies to salting, smoking, pickled products. The amount of salt, spices and hot spices should be minimized.

All products are easily purchased in the market. Vegetables and fruits try to choose seasonal, showing wisdom and elementary ingenuity, that is, it is undesirable to buy fresh greenhouse cucumbers or overseas watermelons in winter, probably stuffed with nitrates, and in summer, when berries, apples, apricots, etc. are sold in abundance, to eat imported bananas and citrus fruits fruits.

As in any diet, compliance with the drinking regimen is one of the important points in cleaning the body of toxins and reducing body weight.

At least 2 liters of drinking water per day should be drunk to anyone losing weight. In addition to water, it is useful to drink unsweetened teas (classic - green, mate, hibiscus, black and herbal), drinks from chicory.

A six-petal diet guarantees results regardless of the initial weight. But the departed kilograms will not return back only with normalization of nutrition in the future. Naturally, people who have gained a few kilograms over the winter will regain their shape with a diet in a short period of time, and will be able to maintain it with the help of exercise and a balanced diet. But obese patients will have to continue to lose weight purposefully.

In this diet, six petals - a good start for the body, because for a six-day period there is a restructuring and reprogramming to burn excess fat in the body.

  • The main point in the diet is the alternation of pure protein and carbohydrate days or a sequence determined by a certain algorithm, the menu assumes mono-food and does not provide for any deviations from the recommendations of dieticians. Create a menu for a diet of six petals is not difficult.

Diet 6 petals: an example of a menu for every day

diet six petals menu for every day

  • The first - protein day: fish - all types of fish, steamed, boiled and baked with a small amount of salt, leafy greens and spices.
  • The second is carbohydrate day: vegetables - any vegetables, both raw and boiled, including garden greens in unlimited quantities.
  • The third - protein day: chicken - chicken breast, boiled or baked in foil with a small amount of green herbs, salt and spices.
  • Fourth - carbohydrate day: cereals - porridge, diet bread, bran, seeds, fiber in any combination.
  • Fifth - protein day: cottage cheese + whole milk - throughout the day skim cheese (up to 1% fat) and milk are consumed.
  • Sixth - carbohydrate day: fruit - any fruit, including baked with cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest.

Out of the diet

On the seventh day, the menu is made up of various diet products that allow the body to smoothly transition to a balanced diet. For breakfast, it is advisable to eat oatmeal or buckwheat porridge and steam omelette. For lunch boiled veal (turkey) with steamed vegetables.

And for dinner - baked fish and fresh vegetable salad. Before going to bed to activate intestinal peristalsis, you should drink a glass of natural drinking yoghurt (without sugar), biokefira with probiotics, or acidophilic ryazhenka.

Fermented milk products and fruits are used as snacks. All portions should be no more than 300 grams.

Contraindications diet 6 petals

Any drastic changes in the diet for patients suffering from chronic diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal organs, require coordination with your doctor. In case of gastric ulcer, nephritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, especially during periods of exacerbation, this type of food is contraindicated.

It is undesirable to repeat the diet of six petals earlier than after 4 months.

A diet of six days - six petals - this is your chance to put a figure in order, cleanse the accumulated feces, toxins, feel the ease of movement and comfort in the body!


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