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Diet for constipation: menu and food features, products

The absence of a chair for more than three days is called constipation. Chronic conditions lead to self-poisoning of the body and malfunction of not only the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, but also of all other systems.

The cause of constipation can be various chronic diseases, including cancer, for example, colon cancer, unbalanced nutrition, abuse of new-fashioned diets for weight loss, alcoholism, stress, physical inactivity, passion for fast food, etc.


Nutrition rules for constipation

Diet for constipation

With the help of a specially formulated diet, it is quite simple to normalize the bowels. The basis of the diet consists of products, biologically active substances which have a beneficial effect on the performance of the intestine, facilitating its functioning.

Especially useful food, showing a light laxative effect, for example, prunes, dairy products, vegetable juices, bran, etc. At the same time, minimizing or eliminating irritating mucous membranes and slowing the evacuation of the fecal masses of food helps to improve the condition of the digestive tract, in general, and the intestines. , in particular.

Products that contain tannin, for example, cocoa beans, black tea, spinach, red wine, dried blueberries, food of a viscous consistency, especially mucous soups based on rice and semolina, etc., slow down intestinal motility and contribute to the retention of feces in the body, which is unacceptable for constipation.

The main recommendations for diet for constipation in adults:

  • the menu is based on an approved food list;
  • in the process of digestion, the food consumed should be transformed into bulk and softened feces, which are easily evacuated from the intestine;
  • the use of a large amount of free fluid (naturally, in the absence of contraindications, for example, edema of cardiac origin, pathology of the myocardium and blood vessels, etc.) and food rich in dietary fiber - plant fiber, bran, whole grain products leads to the normalization of the evacuation capacity of the intestine and activation of its motility;
  • the refusal of prohibited foods relieves irritation of the mucous membrane and intestines, and the anus, which is especially important when following a diet for hemorrhoids and constipation.

Diet menu for constipation, nutritional principles

Diet menu for constipation Long breaks are not allowed between meals. To normalize the work of the intestine should be a clear meal at the same time with equal intervals.

The number of meals for a diet with constipation in women and men ranges from 4 to 6, the portions are small, the total caloric content is about 2000 kcal. Food take in the form of heat. Excessively hot as cold food irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

List of recommended and prohibited products

Cellulose. It is advisable to enrich the diet with foods high in dietary fiber: bran, whole wheat bread, pasta made from durum wheat, cereals (except rice and semolina), beets, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, celery root and parsley, parsnips, and leafy greens, onions, peaches, apricots, plums, apples, watermelon, bananas, dried fruits, berries.

Dietary fiber or bran in the amount of two tablespoons, added to salads or main dishes, will help increase the flow of valuable fibers and enhance intestinal motility.

Fat The basis of the diet consists of vegetable oils, rich in omega-3 acids, vitamins, mineral components - pumpkin, sesame, walnut, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, flaxseed, corn, the first cold pressed, necessarily unrefined in an amount of 30 to 45 ml per day.

Permissible use unsalted butter in an amount of not more than 1-2 hours l / day. Fats are added to ready-made second courses, vegetable oils are filled with vegetable oil, filled with vegetable oil.

Sour milk products. The curative laxative properties of one-day kefir are known, as well as natural yogurt, acidophilic milk, bio ryazhenka, yogurt, koumiss, low-fat cottage cheese, rich in probiotic substances.

The daily rate of fermented milk products is at least ½ l, not forgetting the classic recommendation of experienced nutritionists - a glass an hour before going to bed.

Protein compounds. For the diet with constipation, any lean meat, for example, poultry, turkey, quail, beef, steam veal in boiled, stewed, chopped, ground, or cooked in a double boiler, will do. High-quality source of protein - boneless fish, boiled or steam.

Dessert. Breakfast with chronic constipation is useful with a mixture of oatmeal, honey, figs, dried apricots, prunes and other dried fruits with fermented milk drinks, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt. It is permissible to consume sugar, jam, marshmallow, marshmallow, marmalade.

Cocoa-based chocolates and sweets are subject to exclusion from the diet.

Hot dishes. All soups are cooked in water or weak, low-fat fish, vegetable, meat or mushroom broth. Vegetarian borscht are welcome.

Other products. Mushrooms that cause flatulence, use with constipation is limited. Eggs are boiled softly, added to hot dishes, minced or used for omelets.


What to drink for constipation For the whole period of the diet, alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, spicy, spicy, canned, pickled dishes, vinegar, margarine, culinary and animal-based fats, eggs, hard-boiled or fried in butter, mustard, natural coffee, strong tea are excluded.

Sweets, rich products and confectionery products exacerbate constipation, so their daily rate should be minimized. It is undesirable to drink carbonated drinks, energy.

What to drink for constipation?

Water. After waking up, it is recommended to drink 250 ml of water every morning. Useful drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal. The total amount of free fluid should be about 10 cups (2 liters).

  • The lack of water leads to a slowdown in the evacuation of feces and their movement through the intestines, due to drying and hardening.

Other drinks. It is useful to include in the diet for constipation drinks based on prunes and dried fruits, rosehip and sea buckthorn infusion, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices (except apple and grape, activating fermentation processes), a drink on chicory root powder.

  • The best liquid product for constipation was and remains a weak daily kefir.

Additional recommendations

Diet for abdominal distension and constipation provides for the complete exclusion of products that provoke fermentation and increased gas formation - meteorism. It is primarily about legumes, cabbage, radish, radish, spinach, sorrel, sweet cherry.

Diet for colitis with constipation, especially accompanied by spastic pain in the epigastric region, should initially be low in fiber. A treatment that involves taking antispastic drugs and a diet is prescribed by a gastroenterologist. Gradually, the menu is enriched with delicate food, and then more coarse fiber.

It is important to understand that the diet that patients with constipation adhere to is a diet based on the principles of healthy eating. This menu allows you to get rid of excess weight, reduce flatulence, eliminate pain in the abdomen, normalize stool and is an effective prevention of colon cancer.


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