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Diet with stomach ulcer and exacerbation - menu and principles of nutrition

Food can be a cure for many diseases. And with this you can not argue. No wonder that in Soviet times health care for the stomach ulcer was of paramount importance. Compliance with the principles of therapeutic nutrition was strictly mandatory.

The secret is that peptic ulcer often heals even without treatment, but with proper nutrition.

Briefly about the ulcer

An ulcer is a single or multiple defect in the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum, which leaves a scar after healing. When carrying out FGDS it can be hardly noticeable (1-2 mm) or huge (more than 1 centimeter).

Even today is a pathology, from which people die. Unnoticed enemy - bleeding takes away thousands of lives every year. The peptic ulcer of the stomach loves large cities and exceeds the level where there is a high level of economic development. Among the population prefers carriers of the first blood group.

The causes of ulcers are so many that almost everyone is at risk. Start a list of factors of its appearance can be from the stomach - a violation of the secretory, motor and protective functions. Add the state of neuro-psychic activity, hormonal background and end with heredity with the presence of a pathogenic bacterium. But this is not an exhaustive list.

One of the important moments in the appearance of an ulcer is malnutrition, when a person prefers acute, rough food, hastily eats, often consumes alcohol and smokes a lot.


Features of nutrition in gastric ulcer, general principles

Diet with stomach ulcer

How should one eat to live without pain in the stomach?

The first thing you need to do is to evaluate your diet. Gastritis and peptic ulcer already in themselves signal about the need to change habits and eating habits. Food should be a medicine, water that sharpens a stone.

This will help dietotherapy. She solves a number of problems: normalizes the motility of the stomach, increases the protective properties of mucus, neutralizes acid, stimulates the healing process. In fact, therapeutic nutrition should be built on products that are weakly stimulating secretion, quickly leaving the stomach and slightly irritating its mucous membrane.

The first principle is to reduce the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid.

It is the leading damaging factor. It is necessary to remove foods that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. This includes everything that makes food sharper, piquant, encourages the excitement of appetite: spices, spices.

All drinks containing alcohol, strong tea, coffee, coca-cola, sitro. Filled broths. Food cooked during frying: meat, fish, potatoes and other vegetables.

The second principle is not to injure the mucous membrane. Eliminate rough food: raw vegetables with hard fiber (radish, turnip), large-sliced ​​cucumbers. Dried, dried fish, hard meat, sour berries with small pits (gooseberries, currants). Strongly cold or hot food.

Ideal is a meal prepared in a multivarquet or a double boiler.

The third principle is not to overeat. Fractional food (5-6 times a day) should become habitual. The daily caloric content of the diet should be 2800-3000 calories

What can and can not be eaten with a stomach ulcer?

What can and can not be eaten with a stomach ulcer

How to manage the secretion of gastric juice? By using certain products, it is possible to increase or decrease the release of hydrochloric acid. Observance of simple recommendations will make it possible to forget about the disease.

Prohibited foods with an ulcer:

  • Products of flour: black bread, especially fresh, fried patties, baking with cream.
  • From the meat set: fat fried meat, meat broths, cabbage soup, boiled borsch, canned food.
  • Fruits and vegetables: sour with coarse fiber in raw sliced ​​form. Better bake or boil.
  • Drinks: with gas, coffee, soda, coca-cola.
  • Spices: red and black pepper, hot sauces, mustard, horseradish.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to individual intolerance of foods that cause heartburn and indigestion. Eliminate the process of food processing, like frying.

Allowed meals and products:

  • From flour products: white stale bread, crackers, dry biscuits.
  • Of meat dishes: boiled and lean meat, fish, white poultry. Boiled lamb, beef, pork, poultry. Also, steam cutlets, little bits, zrazy are allowed.
  • Dairy products: cream, milk, low-fat sour cream. Everything is not sour and lean.
  • The first dishes: various mucous soups with the addition of milk and cereals.
  • Vegetables and fruits: not sour without rough skin and fiber in boiled form.
  • Drinks: water without gas, jelly, compotes, black tea not strong, herbal tea. Juices from vegetables (potatoes, cabbage), decoctions of flax seed, dog rose, oats.

From the list of the named products it is possible to make an approximate ration.

Diet with stomach ulcer - menu for a week

  • Monday

Prepare any mucous porridge on milk and tea with butter. Something from the baked fruit with broth of a dogrose. You can soup noodles from chicken and mashed potatoes. Dry biscuits, kissel. Pumpkin casserole for dinner and an hour before sleeping a glass of flax seeds.

  • Tuesday

Milk with the addition of black tea, a dry biscuit and an omelette. Any vegetable soup with boiled meat, compote, cottage cheese with pumpkin and fruit jelly. Manna porridge with jam and mineral water without gas for an hour before sleep.

  • Wednesday

Herbal tea (lime), raw egg, white bread with butter, low-fat cottage cheese, baked fruits and puree from vegetables. Fish for a couple and mucous porridge. Boiled beets with prunes added. Before going to bed a glass of milk.

  • Thursday

Lazy vareniki, milk and tea. Baked vegetables and porridge in the form of "smearing" with meat pate. Vegetable soup-puree and beef with pumpkin, oatmeal jelly. Manna porridge with tea and butter. At night drink from the dog rose.

  • Friday

Omelette with vegetables for a couple, jelly. Boiled white poultry meat and mashed porridge, bananas, baked apples and curd mass with vermicelli. Yogurt.

  • Saturday

Burak with vermicelli baked in the oven, milk, peach, cereal soup with carrots and steam cutlets with porridge (buckwheat, rice).

  • Sunday

Meat pate, jelly and mashed potatoes. Vegetable stew, baked in the oven or multivark. A barley soup with a bird, mangoi porridge with jam and tea with milk. Before going to bed: tea with chamomile.

Another recommendation: do not eat directly before going to bed. In the prone position, juicing is not desirable. It is better to do this for an hour or two before sleeping.

What is the diet for a stomach ulcer?

Depending on the stage of peptic ulcer (open ulcer, scarring stage or remission period), different types of diets are provided. Some types of tables are further divided into "a" and "b", designed for a more strictly diet.

With diseases of the stomach and duodenum, diets №1, №1 "а" and №1 "б" are shown. As people recover, they move from one diet to another, thus expanding their diet. It is reasonable, observance of the rehabilitation period will allow to avoid relapse.

Diet №1 with a stomach ulcer

This diet takes place when a fresh scar is formed, when the peptic ulcer exacerbation and the acute gastritis phenomenon abate.

Moderately mechanically and chemically sparing food is provided, with a decrease in irritants. In fact - it is a physiologically complete diet, but in a garbled form, cooked on steam or water. It is acceptable to bake without crust.

Moderately limited table salt. Very cold and hot dishes are excluded. Multiplicity of food at least 6 times a day. Well before going to bed milk.

Diet № 1 with gastritis with high acidity. To the table 1 "a" it is allowed to add stale white bread, cottage cheese, low-fat, dry biscuits, non-acidic dairy products, cereal with added butter, steamed chicken, white poultry meat, boiled meat, fish (pike perch). Small chopped greens and vegetables are allowed, or shredded with a blender, berries are possible, but sweet.

Diet 1 "a" with a stomach ulcer

It is also called - mashed food. The most strict diet. This diet with exacerbation of gastric ulcer, gastritis, burn of the esophagus.

It is appointed for 8-10 days. Its goal is maximum shaking and peace of the inflamed gastric mucosa. The basic principle: food is frequent (at least 6 times a day), in small portions in a liquid form. A focus on milk, mucous soups (from pearl barley, oatmeal, rice), eggs, both raw and soft, different kinds of jelly, and sweet fruit jelly. Gruel "mash" with milk and rice is allowed. Good for the gastric mucosa porridge.

Boiled meat in the form of souffle. Bread, biscuits are forbidden. Vegetable garnish is not recommended. When cooking, limit salt (it increases secretion). In a diet with a stomach ulcer during an exacerbation it is good to introduce drinks from a dogrose, raw potatoes, cabbage, wheaten bran on a "hungry" stomach.

Diet № 1 "b" with a stomach ulcer

This table is less strict, shown after the table number 1 "a".

Such a diet with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer can be considered loading. Here you can add 50 grams of biscuits, mashed porridge with butter, mashed potatoes, meat and fish knots, meatballs. Soups are groats, dairy, wiped. Showing mashed milk porridge.

The multiplicity of food intake is kept up to 6 times.

Diet № 5 with gastric ulcer during peptic ulcer is not prescribed. It is indicated for hepatitis and cholecystitis in remission. Its goal - a full meal, which should provide a healthy stomach.

Suitable diet for stomach ulcers table number 5 "a" and № 5 "n". They recommend a sparing food, which does not contradict the diseases of the stomach.

Read more about the therapeutic diet table 1

Diet in case of gastric ulcer during exacerbation, menu

During this period, within 10-14 days, table №1 "а" is shown, then table №1 "b" and only then we pass to table №1.

Sample menu

In the early days you need a strict diet.

  • Cabbage juice (half a cup);
  • Milk steam omelet, a glass of milk;
  • Then the milk jelly (glass);
  • Mucous rice soup, meat in the form of pate;
  • Potato juice (half cup);
  • Pate from pike perch, oatmeal, jelly;
  • At night: milk (half a glass).

During this period, the meat is carefully processed, the tendons and fat are removed. After boiling is passed through the meat grinder (several times). If the fish, then boiled and low-fat varieties.

On the third day, you can add soups of white bread to the soups, which must be soaked. Vegetables and fruits only in the garbled form.

A week later, the curd we can inject cottage cheese, mucous porridges with the addition of butter, and change the soufflé from meat to boiled finely chopped poultry.

After 3 weeks, the diet is maximally expanded. The ulcer is already in the stage of a fresh scar. Therefore, vegetables and fruits are allowed in the baked form, in the form of jellies, compotes and kissels. Boiled meat and fish are served in a whole piece.

With appropriate treatment and gentle nutrition, the ulcer is scarred fairly quickly, but the inflammation persists for a long time. Therefore, diet for ulcers and gastritis should be followed for another 2-3 months.

In addition, in the future there is a threat of aggravation of peptic ulcer. Therefore, the principles of therapeutic nutrition must be adhered to throughout life.


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