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A diet for high cholesterol in women and men, a weekly menu

Rational nutrition is the basis for recovery of patients with high cholesterol in the blood, rejuvenation of blood vessels and the whole body, prolongation of duration and quality of life. The food ration on which food is based in high cholesterol is approved by world nutritionists and can be used both for curative and preventive purposes.

In those cases when after special studies you have elevated cholesterol in the plasma, it is required to immediately begin complex therapy, including taking prescribed medicines (usually statins), maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding bad habits, exercise therapy, and, of course the same, adherence to therapeutic and preventive nutrition.

The consequences of high blood cholesterol levels

By depositing on the vessel walls, the fat-like substance (low-density lipoproteins, better known as "bad cholesterol") complicates blood circulation, which can lead to the development and progression of cardiovascular pathologies, in particular, to stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, IHD, angina pectoris and others.

Particular attention to the level of cholesterol in the blood should be given to people with hereditary predisposition, as well as individuals suffering from obesity, hypertension, diabetes, experiencing chronic stress and smokers.


Features of a diet with high cholesterol

With a high cholesterol diet

Specificity of diseases caused by increased cholesterol, determines the basic principle of compiling a therapeutic diet - a significant restriction of food fats from animal origin. Most of the meat is replaced with fish, the menu is enriched with useful vegetable oils, the amount of table salt is limited, harmful foods (fast food, lemonades, chips, etc.) are excluded completely.

With the help of a specially designed menu for a period of 3 months to 1 year, you can not only slow down the atherosclerotic process, but also normalize all kinds of cancellation (lipid, water-salt, carbohydrate), restore the fat balance in the body.

Inclusion of a large number of foods (up to 400 grams per day of vegetables and fruits) with a high fiber content (dietary fiber) can reduce the absorption of harmful fats in the digestive tract, remove excess low-density lipoprotein and cleanse the body of accumulated metabolic products, toxins and toxins.

The diet for high cholesterol in women includes a list of what can and that can not be eaten (see below). As well as diet for high cholesterol in men is made on the basis of the list of allowed products and does not differ significantly. The only difference can be a higher caloric value for men engaged in manual labor (for women, the energy value of the diet ranges from 2000 to 2,200 kcal, for men - from 2,300 to 3,500 kcal).

Recommended Products:

  • bread from low-grade flour with addition of bran and fiber, whole-grain bread, biscuit biscuits, unsalted baked goods, bread made from cereals;
  • cereals (oats, buckwheat, brown and white rice, pearl barley);
  • oat bran, wheat fiber, linseed, oatmeal, pumpkin;
  • all fruits except forbidden;
  • nuts roasted (almonds, Brazilian, Greek, cashew, cedar) in limited quantities;
  • seeds not roasted (pumpkin, sesame, sesame, sunflower, poppy);
  • fresh juices;
  • eggs (no more than 2 pieces per week, taking into account the addition of culinary products);
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • all kinds of seafood, including sea kale;
  • all fish, especially marine red varieties, containing high doses of valuable PUFA;
  • lean meat, but not more than 90-100 grams of the finished product per meal;
  • Lenten bird, rabbit, quail, game;
  • healthy drinks, in particular herbal, fruit and berry teas, chicory root drink, Paraguayan tea mate, green and white tea, compotes of fresh and dried fruit, berry jelly, fruit drinks, non-carbonated mineral water, decoction of rose hips without addition Sahara.

Prohibited products:

  • all confectionery products, including chocolate, cocoa, muffins, sweets, cakes, sweet pastries, cakes, etc., desserts are allowed in a limited number of jellies, mousses, puddings, marmalade, marshmallows, pastilles, frozen fruit and berry yogurt;
  • all fatty white sauces, especially mayonnaise, ketchups, seasonings with sodium glutamate, refueling;
  • culinary fat, spread, animal fats (sheep, beef, pork, lard), margarine and products made with its use (these products contain dangerous transfats for health);
  • fatty sausage products;
  • milk and lactic acid production with a lipid content exceeding 5%;
  • fish caviar;
  • frozen semi-finished products, canned foods, crab sticks;
  • fatty varieties of meat and poultry (pork, lamb, duck, goose);
  • black coffee and strong black tea;
  • alcohol.

Should be limited to beans, potatoes, pasta, mango, some dried fruits, as well as vegetables - radish, radish, spinach, sorrel. When preparing poultry from a carcass, skin and fat layer must be removed.

Diet in high cholesterol in women: an example of a menu

Diet in high cholesterol in women

The food should be maximally diverse to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins (A, B, C, D, F, E, P, PP, K) and trace elements (iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine, boron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, manganese, zinc, selenium, etc.).

Therefore, about 20 products from the allowed list should be used in the daily menu. To reduce the level of cholesterol from the frying of foods will have to give up. Food is steamed, boiled or baked.

  • First breakfast: steam protein omelet, buckwheat porridge, green tea without sugar.
  • Snack: a glass of beetroot and carrot juice, a salad of bell pepper, cucumbers, basil and parsley, seasoned with soybean oil.
  • Lunch: lean vegetarian borsch (a portion of no more than 300 ml), boiled turkey breast, zucchini stew or squash caviar, whole wheat bread with bran, blueberry jelly.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit salad from banana and apple, seasoned with lime juice.
  • Dinner: skimmed cottage cheese casserole, hake fillet, stewed in milk with carrots, a glass of bio-ryazhenka.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of broth of rose hips or tea from sea buckthorn berries.

The menu for the remaining days is based on the example given.

Diet with high cholesterol and sugar provides for the removal of foods containing easily digestible carbohydrates, that is, jam, sugar, sweets, packaged juices and drinks with sugar, grapes (fresh and dried), figs.

Adhering to the diet and leading a healthy way of life, doing moderate, physical loads, correctly alternating the mode of work and rest, avoiding stressful situations - you can safely normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood, improve well-being and quality of attitude!


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