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Diet for gastritis: the menu for the week, meals by stages of gastritis

A business man has no time to think about proper nutrition. Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of a full-fledged diet, abuse of fast food, nicotine, alcohol, stress, ultimately end with gastritis.

The disease is characterized by inflammation in the gastric mucosa. There is acute or nagging pain, flatulence, nausea, belching, and often vomiting. Lost appetite, reduced weight.

The course of the disease “gastritis of the stomach” is divided into stages, respectively, the diet will depend on how far the course is running. In acute form - it will be a strict diet, which is called: diet for gastritis number 5. A milder form or remission of the disease allows a little to diversify the diet.

The disease is classified according to:

  • acidity: high, low.
  • type of flow: exacerbation or chronic stage.

Gastritis diet

There are some basic general rules of diet for gastritis, and what can be done, which cannot be eaten in any form of the disease.

  • food is served to the table exceptionally warm. It is forbidden to take cold food, it irritates the stomach;
  • it is necessary to eat food at least six times, the one-time portion of the serving should be small;
  • all food must be ground, especially for patients with a high content of acid in the stomach;
  • It is unacceptable to eat smoked, salted, fried foods and preservatives;
  • the consumption of alcohol, coffee, spices is excluded and the intake of chocolate is minimized.

Diet food is diverse, it is intended for the correction of nutrition in food pathology: gastritis, pancreatitis. Prescribe a diet should only the attending physician.


Diet for gastritis with high acidity

There is a rule of three "no":

  1. Mechanical - dishes with coarse fiber content (radishes, turnips, rutabaga, bran bread, muesli, etc.) are excluded.
  2. Chemical - prohibited drinks with gas content, any citrus, coffee, alcohol, cabbage, black bread, strong fish and meat broths. Such food is very irritating the secretion of the stomach.
  3. Thermal - the permissible temperature of food intake is not less than 15 and not more than 60 degrees, because the esophagus is very irritated.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity should contain lean meat, eggs, various cereals, seafood, milk. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten peeled and always in a shabby condition. A small amount of sugar, honey, marshmallow, cocoa and lightly brewed tea is acceptable.

Diet with low acidity

Diet with low acidity

In this form of the disease, it is important to stimulate the stomach to produce more acid. Food should be taken in a calm state, no less than half an hour, with thorough chewing of each piece. Water with weak gas formation is very useful for the stomach, it is necessary to drink it before each meal.

Fruits need to be eaten with the main meal, and for snacks leave cottage cheese, kissels, unleavened cheese. Moreover, the peel from apples and pears should be removed, and the fruits themselves baked. From vegetable dishes an excellent solution would be carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

Fermented milk products are allowed.

Do not eat chocolate, alcohol, muffins, any fats, vinegar dressings, unripe fruit.

Diet for gastritis in the acute stage

Diet for gastritis in the acute stage

Making a diet is difficult, because its task is not to provoke an attack of the disease, but to give the body good nutrition. Food should not only be cooked, but also chopped. Between meals should take up to three hours, and portions are made small - overeating is not recommended.

Diet for gastritis in the acute stage does not contain fat, it is strictly prohibited!

On the first day you can not load the stomach with food, using only non-carbonated water or lukewarm tea. The next day, not thick porridge or highly diluted mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, jelly are allowed in the diet.

Diet for gastritis of the stomach: the menu for the week

Monday ration:

  • Breakfast: porridge, a drink of dried fruit.
  • Second breakfast: scrambled eggs or curd stews.
  • Lunch: vegetable-based soup with breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, fish steamed fricassee, compote.
  • Lunch: biscuits, warm tea.
  • Dinner: pureed meatballs from meat with pasta, warm tea.

Tuesday menu:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, baked apples, compote.
  • The second breakfast: fruit mousse.
  • Lunch: vegetable decoction, steam cutlets, mineral water without gas.
  • Lunch: biscuits, tea.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese casserole, berry jelly.


  • Monday menu is repeated


  • Tuesday menu is repeated.

Friday - menu:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, compote.
  • The second breakfast: warm tea, curd cheesecakes.
  • Lunch: pureed potato soup, pureed vegetables stew, berry jelly.
  • Safe, grated fruits, kefir with breadcrumbs.
  • Dinner: boiled fish with porridge, rosehip drink.


  • Thursday menu is repeated.


  • Friday menu is repeated.

Chronic gastritis

It is impossible to cure gastritis without adherence to dietary intake.

The task of food for chronic gastritis is aimed primarily at normalizing the properties of the digestive system. Thanks to the sparing methods of nutrition, it should contribute to the rapid restoration of the damaged gastric mucosa. Chronic course is accompanied by pancreatic pathology , so you need to follow the diet, which is indicated for pancreatitis and gastritis.

Meat products are allowed with their preliminary cleansing from fat and tendons, freeing poultry meat from skin. Meat dishes must be prepared by steam or boiled. The use of duck, goose meat due to their fat content, smoked and canned products is unacceptable.

  • Fish is also being prepared steam. Excluded fish in fried, salted, smoked form.
  • Soups need to cook vegetables, it is allowed to add cereals or noodles. Sometimes milk soups are allowed.
  • Eggs eat soft boiled down (or scrambled eggs). Vegetables are consumed in the most diverse forms: mashed potatoes, stewed, puddings, casseroles. Of cereals, barley, millet, yachka and legumes are prohibited.
  • Fruits can be boiled, baked, wiped any, except for sour fruits.

The diet of the patient with gastritis at any stage should be abundant in protein food. Diet should be coordinated with the doctor, do not neglect vitamin complexes.

The right approach to nutrition is the surest way to a speedy recovery.


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