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Cons Dyukana diet, contraindications and harm

The desire to acquire the desired harmony by any means can lead to irreversible health consequences. Any method of nutrition, aimed at reducing body weight, has its pros and cons, as well as strict contraindications.

Choosing a diet for weight loss, you should start from medical indicators and take into account the individual characteristics of the body.

The nutritional system of the French nutritionist Pierre Ducane, which has been sensational in recent years, is no exception. Reviews have grown thin prove the effectiveness of this method. However, not every person is suitable protein diet, which has a fairly large list of restrictions.

To figure out how much this weight loss method is allowed for you, and how the Dukan diet can harm your health, you should carefully examine a number of factors, ask the opinion of doctors and seek advice from experienced dietitians.


General idea of ​​the diet

Cons Dyukana diet

The basis of food on Dyukan is made by proteinaceous food. It is believed that this food system is a kind of improved similarity to the Atkins diet or the so-called “Kremlin diet”.

The menu is designed in such a way that there is a significant decrease in the diet of carbohydrate products, and at the first stage and a complete rejection of them.

Such an imbalance can cause disruptions in the coordinated work of all organs and systems, since initially our body is programmed to regularly supply proteins, fats and carbohydrates with food (in the optimal ratio).

In the power supply system according to Dyukan there are four fundamental steps:

  1. Attack (proteins).
  2. Alternation (combination of protein and vegetable foods).
  3. Consolidation (consolidation of an impressive result obtained in the first two stages).
  4. Stabilization (the final stage, stabilizing metabolic processes and weight).

Persons who follow a protein diet do not have to calculate callorage and the volume of servings, but the use of prohibited foods at each stage is absolutely unacceptable.

When asked whether it is possible to drink alcohol during a diet, the answer is unequivocal - until the third stage, all types of alcoholic beverages are contraindicated.

In addition to the fact that alcohol is a source of empty calories, it slows down the processes of losing weight, reduces motivation and hinders the achievement of the results.

Contraindications diet Dukana

Contraindications diet Dukana

So, to whom the Dukan diet can cause serious harm, according to doctors:

Пациентам, имеющим нарушение обмена веществ. 1. Patients with metabolic disorders. The first two stages of the diet imply a complete rejection of carbohydrate-containing foods, that is, the body is cleared of toxins from protein foods. No wonder the first stage of the diet is called "Attack".

With such an imbalance, a failure in metabolism is inevitable. It is unacceptable to stick to a diet for people with diabetes , pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, etc.

Пациентам, страдающим от хронических патологий почек, печени и всего пищеварительного тракта. 2. Patients suffering from chronic pathologies of the kidneys, liver, and the entire digestive tract. High doses of protein create a powerful load on the gastrointestinal tract and the excretory system, which can turn into an aggravation of gastritis, hepatitis, nephritis, cholecystitis , peptic ulcer, etc.

The likelihood that people who are prone to constipation and disruption of the gallbladder, the problems are exacerbated - increases significantly with a protein diet.

Беременным и кормящим женщинам. 3. Pregnant and lactating women. During these joyful periods for women, the body should receive an absolutely complete set of nutrients, and any imbalance in the diet can damage the health of both mommies and children. So the Dukan diet during pregnancy is a disregard for life in general.

Девушкам, с неустановившимся менструальным циклом. 4. Girls, with a unsteady menstrual cycle. According to nutritionists, the protein diet according to Dyukan is contraindicated until the age of 18 due to the high degree of risk to the health of expectant mothers.

Rapid weight loss, which aims to diet, can provoke not only a failure of the menstrual cycle, but also the complete disappearance of menstruation. Those who have hormonal problems and suffer from painful menstruation are guaranteed an increase in problems due to excessive fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, painful manifestations and migraines.

Пациентам с проблемами сердечно-сосудистой системы. 5. Patients with cardiovascular problems. The risk of exacerbation of diseases increases many times due to the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet.

Женщинам, находящимся в предклимактерическом и климактерическом периоде. 6. Women who are in the premenopausal and menopausal period. Unbalanced nutrition increases the risk of hormonal disruption , and the endocrine system at a certain stage of life, and so it works with overload.

Лицам с эмоциональной нестабильностью и проблемами с психикой. 7. Persons with emotional instability and mental problems. Dyukan diet is contraindicated in this situation due to carbohydrate deficiency, which affects the brain.

Insufficient intake of glucose affects not only its cognitive functions, but also the mood of a person.

Harm and cons of the Dukan diet

The above risk factors make it possible to classify a protein diet to the nutrition system, which is undesirable to use without first weighing all the pros and cons.

The best option is to undergo a complete examination of the body and consult with an experienced nutritionist about the possibility of using the Dukan diet exactly in your case. Alternatively, you will be offered another method to reduce body weight or treat existing obesity.

The harm of the Dukan diet, however, as well as any restrictions in the diet, becomes apparent if the recommendations are not followed and the proposed system is violated. The body, rebuilt in accordance with the diet, with the breakdown and abrupt cessation of a consistent weight loss can respond to the exacerbation of chronic diseases and the occurrence of serious problems in the digestive organs.

The cons of the Dukan diet are obvious. But, despite all these factors, this power supply system continues to gain popularity and gain an increasing number of fans due to the undoubted efficiency and fairly easy portability.

The decision on the observance of a particular power system remains only for you. Slim you at any age!

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