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Ducane Diet: menu for every day of the phase attack

In recent years, an increasing number of devotees choose harmony protein diet Pierre Ducane, based on a decrease in the diet products containing carbohydrates. The feedback of many people who lose weight confirms the effectiveness of the food system, as well as ease of use and comfort in compliance.

Express diets do not give a tangible result, because after the end of the restrictive period, dumped kilograms quickly return.

Dukan nutrition is not a short-term loss of body weight, but a purposeful system designed to take into account the characteristics of the human body, aimed at cleansing of slag and burning subcutaneous fat.


About the Ducane diet and the Attack phase

Ducan's diet

Dyukan's methodology is a clearly structured by stages food system designed to gradually reduce weight and stabilize it within the existing norm. Four stages of the diet are identified: attack, alternation, fixation, stabilization.

We will consider the first, the most impressive by results stage, in which the motivation of the losing weight is increased many times, thanks to the rapid dissolution of excess fatty deposits. Attacking or attacking the Ducane diet, a menu by day, features of nutrition in this period - that's the subject of our close attention.

Features and effective use of the Phase Attack

The duration of the first stage is from 2 to 10 days and is calculated in each individual case according to the table. Attack, created through targeted nutrition, goes to fat deposits. During the phase, the metabolic processes in the body are triggered, aimed at getting rid of everything that is superfluous.

Dukan's diet, its 1 stage attack - it is exclusively protein food. The impetus is given to the body by the proteins that come in the absence of carbohydrates and fats, which are the building material for muscle tissue. On digesting such food the body spends an increased amount of energy and time.

To increase the effectiveness of the method, the diet maker recommends an increase in the motor regime, performing twenty minutes of gymnastics, morning exercise every day. It will be useful to walk, active games in the fresh air, walking, dancing.

  • Do not forget about the observance of the drinking regime, since it is with water that the accumulated slags and toxic compounds are discharged from the body.

Ducane Diet, Attack: allowed products

Refuse to have from food that contains fats, starch, carbohydrates. First and foremost, we are talking about all flour products, potatoes, bananas, cereals, sugar.

Dr. Dukan does not recommend drinking any alcoholic beverages on the attack, as they are a source of empty calories, and also reduce motivation and the desire to achieve success.

For each day of the attack phase, 72 products are allowed, including: lean meat, offal, poultry (with mandatory skin removal), fish, seafood (excluding sea kale), mushrooms, dairy products with a minimum fat content, soy products, eggs.

The obligatory component of all stages of the Dukan diet is oat bran - a source of protein and dietary fiber, which activate the intestinal motility and, accordingly, purify the body of metabolites and toxins.

To ensure that meat and fish do not seem insipid, small amounts of soy sauce, lemon juice, wine, apple and table vinegar, mustard, spices, garlic, onions, pickled cucumbers are allowed in the cooking.

  • Such a rich list allows you to lose weight comfortably and without the attacks of hunger on the Ducane diet. The menu phase of the attack can be diversified, thanks to various culinary tricks. Showing the imagination and ingenuity to eat can be not only delicious, but also boring.

Sample menu for each day of the phase attack

Lose weight, as a true gourmet, with taste and pleasure from the eaten dishes, gives the opportunity to Dukan's diet. The menu for each day of the attack phase is made up with fiction. Permitted products can be cooked by cooking, frying (on a grill, in a frying pan), baking.

Useful and tasty food, cooked for a couple. Adding various combinations of seasonings, spicy herbs, sauces allows you to diversify the taste sensations, create culinary masterpieces and make the food as comfortable as possible.

Recipes for Ducane diet dishes

  • For breakfast, a steam omelet from two eggs and skim milk or boiled soft eggs will be useful. Often mistresses spoil the household with a salad of crab sticks with pickled gherkins, onions and eggs, dressed with natural yoghurt.
  • In the afternoon prepare a nutritious soup-mash from mushrooms, soup with meatballs and mushrooms, rassolnik on chicken giblets. On the second eat kebab of lean meat, marinated in low-fat kefir and soy sauce with the addition of a small onion head, or a rabbit baked with garlic and herbs.
  • In the evening, you can pamper yourself with grilled turkey (chicken) breast, boiled veal or stewed fish with lemon juice. Very tasty fish cutlets from mixed stuffing (fillet of white fish and smoked mackerel with eggs, finely chopped leaf greens and spices), steamed.
  • Bread products are easily replaced with pancakes made from eggs, whipped with kefir / fermented milk / yoghurt. They are also stuffed with a curd-garlic mass with herbs, caviar, salted red fish.
  • Between the main meals it is necessary to make snacks from yoghurt and oat bran (daily norm on the attack phase is 1.5 tablespoons), tofu cheese, boiled or baked shrimps, mussels, rapes, fat-free cottage cheese, etc. In tea and coffee instead of sugar put a substitute.
  • In the power system for Dukan there is a place even for desserts. For example, you can bake a quick vanilla bun on dry milk, egg, sugar substitute and a pinch of vanilla. Or cook delicious milk jelly from gelatin, sour cream, kefir, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar substitute.

The effective diet of the French therapist Pierre Ducan works, regardless of age, sex and the initial weight. When the desired result is reached, the phase of the attack involves a transition to the next stage and a significant expansion of the diet.

Slimness to you and ease at any age!


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