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Diet for a woman after 50 years of age, food and menu

For every woman, 50 years is not only a jubilee age, but also an important milestone, indicating certain changes in physiology, well-being, and general condition of the body. Slow metabolism and decrease in hormone production leads to the fact that body weight involuntarily begins to increase.

To avoid the hassles associated with the annual change of wardrobe in the direction of increasing volumes, you should listen to the recommendations of experienced nutritionists and somewhat rethink your diet, as well as pay attention to proven relaxation techniques and physical activity.


Diet for weight loss for women after 50 years

Diet for weight loss for women after 50 years

It should be borne in mind that strict express diets for all women who have reached 40 years of age are strictly contraindicated - a sharp restriction of calories and the content of the diet is always aimed at a quick loss of existing kilograms.

In this case, getting rid of the hated fat layer, the lady risks acquiring a whole bunch of new problems in the form of sagging skin and unaesthetic folds in the most inappropriate places (belly, neck / double chin, inner forearms, etc.).

A balanced diet for women to lose weight after 50 years should include the whole set of vital compounds. In such a delicate situation, it is more about respecting the principles of rational nutrition than about certain methods that help to lose weight.

  • First of all, we are talking about vitamins, micro and macro elements, dietary fibers, pectin compounds, essential amino acids, antioxidants, phytoestrogens, and probiotics.

In addition to the organization of diet, after 50 years should focus on increasing physical activity, especially if you have a sedentary job and a sedentary way of life.

  • Practice pilates, body flex, yoga, dancing, swimming, and walking. These sports are ideal for women who are in menopause.
  • Do not forget about regular walks in the fresh air, active games with animals, hiking in nature.

To consistently lose weight and adhere to the principles of good nutrition is required to have a good mood and stay in a good mood. To stabilize the emotional background and prevent bruising, use all relaxation methods available to you: visiting the steam room, walking, meditating, listening to classical music, chatting with friends, cultural events, etc.

Food during menopause

Food during menopause

Fifty years of age - the time of hormonal adjustment of the female body. Someone earlier, someone later comes menopause - attenuation of childbearing functions, the termination of the production of sex hormones, a decrease in the intensity of physiological (metabolic) processes. These processes are often accompanied by tides, instability of the emotional background, uncontrolled weight gain.

What should not be done in this situation is panicking. You need to help your body move to a new level, realizing the beauty of the beginning period - the emergence of free time, which you can devote yourself.

Every woman should at the time of menopause overestimate their diet, giving up junk food and enriching the menu with healthy products.

According to reviews of nutritionists, if you do not change your eating habits, the annual weight gain (from 2 to 4 kg) is guaranteed.

But with the help of a well-designed menu, you can not only minimize discomfort during hot flashes, but also keep the body normal (a certain therapeutic and prophylactic food can also lose weight).

The basic principles of the menu for menopause:

  • reduction of caloric intake due to the rejection of sugar, flour products, animal fats;
  • enriching the diet with source products of phytoestrogens - substances similar to female sex hormones, due to the inclusion in the diet of soybeans and legumes, fresh fruits and greens (the best option is to use 20-30 ml of soybean oil daily);
  • drinking mode (at least 2.5 liters of thawed / spring / non-carbonated / well water per day);
  • maintaining a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet (pure protein or carbohydrate diets after 42-50 years are contraindicated, since the lack of fats in the diet deprives the body of fat-soluble vitamins).

With this approach to losing weight, it is much easier and safer for the body to achieve results. Do not pursue rapid weight loss, so as not to harm yourself and not break the delicate balance.

Diet for women after 50 years: menu for 7 days, features

Diet for women after 50 years

A sample menu for the week for women who want to lose weight (it should be noted that in the intervals between the head meals you should definitely have a snack with dairy products, fresh fruit, as well as honey, nuts and dried fruits, but not more than 50 grams):

1 day

  • Breakfast: ½ grapefruit, a glass of karkade tea (without sugar).
  • Lunch: boiled cauliflower or broccoli, a portion of chicken breast, baked in foil with lemon juice, bran bread, mate tea.
  • Dinner: fish stew with vegetables, asparagus salad, a glass of low-fat ryazhenka.

2 day

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, a drink from chicory.
  • Lunch: seaweed salad, steam spinach, boiled veal, green tea.
  • Dinner: baked pollock or hake, tomato and cucumber salad, leafy greens, a glass of low-fat bio-kefir.

3 day

  • Breakfast: bran bread and a slice of soy or rennet cheese, green tea.
  • Lunch: steak brisket with steamed champignons, white cabbage and green salad, boiled carrots or beets, compote of dried fruits without sugar.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese with berries, baked cod.

4th day repeats 1st, 5th - 2nd, 6th - 3rd.

7 day unloading

  • Breakfast: a portion of boiled buckwheat + a glass of kefir with probiotics.
  • Lunch: buckwheat + natural yogurt.
  • Dinner: buckwheat + kefir.
  • Bedtime: a glass of kefir.

All salads are filled with soybean oil, salt food directly on the plate, and not during cooking. If you feel discomfort during a diet, you should consult a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a therapist and a cardiologist.

Nutrition Tips

To maintain good health and psychological comfort, women over 50 need daily to include in their diet foods rich in tryptophan, which in the body are converted to serotonin - the hormone of joy: fish and caviar, poultry, cottage cheese, seeds, nuts, cheese, soy, halva.

Nutritionists note that a banana and 10-20 grams of bitter chocolate instantly change the mood and perception of the world for the better.

A number of foodstuffs stimulate metabolic processes and accelerate metabolism, which directly affects the processes of weight loss: grapefruit, ginger root, Paraguayan mate tea, turkey fillet, soy milk, tofu, garlic, cinnamon, sea kale, dried marjoram. Enrich the diet with healthy food, and the result will delight you soon.


Stop using any hard diets for two reasons:

  1. Toxic substances accumulated in the subcutaneous fatty tissue with a sharp release get straight into the blood, and a slowed-down metabolism will not allow to cope with cleaning as effectively as in youth.
  2. High-speed fat loss can lead to dysfunction of the excretory system and liver.

Contraindications to the observance of the principles of rational nutrition does not exist. Consider the individual characteristics of the body and do not include in the menu products for which you may have allergies, and losing weight after 50 years will turn into an interesting game, rejuvenation and rehabilitation of all organs and systems.

Be healthy!

Natalie Ushakova
2018-01-12 07:16:24
I want to ask, I am 50 years old, height 166. weight - 85kg. I want to lose weight. but! I work as a doctor in a tuberculosis dispensary. I work with people suffering from tuberculosis with bacteria. Does my weight loss cause tuberculosis?
doctor Daria
2018-02-02 08:16:19
Hello Natalie. Indeed, depletion (and, consequently, insufficient intake of vitamins and proteins) can be a risk factor for tuberculosis. But, you can correctly choose the food, reduce the amount of harmful products - sweets, pastries, fatty and fried, and monitor the usefulness of the diet. In no case do not practice low-calorie diets. Following the principles of proper nutrition will help you lose weight and improve your health. After all, excess weight is also dangerous when working with patients with tuberculosis, as it can provoke a decrease in immunity.

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