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Diet 5 table: a table of products, a menu that can and cannot be eaten

Famous Soviet scientist M.I. Pevzner has developed a special diet called table 5, the observance of which greatly helps in the treatment of diseases of the liver, biliary tract, gall bladder and some other pathological conditions of the body. Diet table 5a is prescribed to patients with chronic pancreatitis and with exacerbation of hepatitis.

In addition to reducing the load on the gastrointestinal tract and limiting the thermal, mechanical and biochemical effects on the stomach and intestines, a complete diet of diet No. 5 creates conditions for the normalization of lipid metabolism, the entire biliary system and the main filtering organ, the liver.

About medical diet 5

Diet 5 table food table

The purpose of therapeutic food table No. 5 is advisable outside the stage of exacerbation of chronic pathologies of these organs (hepatitis in remission with moderate functional liver failure, cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis).

Treatment of the pancreas (acute pancreatitis) begins with hunger (from 1 to 3 days) with the gradual introduction into the diet of authorized products subjected to special culinary treatment, according to the diet table No. 5a. To reduce the load on the pancreas, all products, including vegetables and fruits, are consumed only after cooking and heat treatment.


Basic rules of the table 5

The daily consumption rate of chemical compounds in the diet table number 5 is:

  • water (free) from 1.5 to 2 liters;
  • salt from 6 to 10 grams (when exacerbation of pancreatitis at the first stage, salt is absent, then it is introduced into the diet gradually);
  • carbohydrates from 300 to 350 grams (the number of simple fast-absorbing carbohydrates to 40 grams);
  • fats from 70 to 75 grams (the norm of plant lipids is 25 grams);
  • protein compounds 90 grams, half of which are animal proteins.

The energy value of the daily menu varies from 2,100 to 2,500 kcal. The number of meals from 5 to 6.

Who is appointed?

Patients with cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis. Treatment of these pathologies without a strict diet number 5 is impossible, according to experienced gastroenterologists. Table 5 can be respected for up to two years.

Diet 5 table, what can and what can not (table of products)

Diet 5 table, what can and what can not

It is categorically contraindicated to include in the diet of fried food, products, which include refractory fats, have a high concentration of high-density cholesterol and purines.

Restricting the supply of extractive compounds, excessively stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, reduces the chemical load on the digestive process.

All dishes are cooked in a multi or double boiler, boiled or baked. Meat, especially stringy, and all vegetables, sources of coarse dietary fiber, should be rubbed.

The temperature of the food consumed is also important (from 20 to 60 ° C), that is, neither hot nor cold foods that irritate the gastrointestinal tract are unacceptable. Fractional portions are used with repeatability every 2.5-3 hours, allowing the gastrointestinal tract to quickly process the incoming light food.

Table of allowed and prohibited products for the table 5
Permitted Products
(you can eat)
  • Drinks and desserts: jelly and compote from fresh dried fruit (only sweet), vegetable juices without salt and spices, weak tea with skimmed milk, honey, jam (limited), marmalade, candy, marshmallows, mousses and jelly.
  • Bread: daily or dried wheat.
  • Vegetable soups.
  • Fat-free dairy products.
  • Mucus boiled porridges: rice, buckwheat, wheat, oat.
  • Dietary meat.
  • Lean fish.
  • Culinary processed and pureed vegetables other than forbidden, starchy, for example, potatoes, limited.
  • Eggs (no more than 1 pc. Per day in the form of a steam omelette or boiled soft boil).
  • Fats: vegetable oil, unsalted butter (add only to ready-made, slightly cooled side dishes and hot dishes).
  • Baked sweet fruits (apple, pear), sweet dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes).
Prohibited Products
(you can not eat)
  • alcoholic drinks, black coffee, soft drinks and soda, energy drinks, broths, kvass,
  • sour hot dishes (soup, pickle, green borscht),
  • legumes vegetables, mushrooms
  • pearl barley, millet and corn grits
  • fatty meat and lard, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, salmon, sardine, stellate sturgeon) and caviar
  • spicy and sour vegetables and herbs (cabbage, leek, spinach, sorrel),
  • culinary, mutton, pork, beef tallow, margarine
  • Sub-products, canned, salted, pickled, smoked, fried, spicy, spicy dishes
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • fresh baked goods, brown bread and crackers
  • fast food
  • ice cream, fatty dairy products
  • chocolate, confectionery, puff pastry, pastry
  • cocoa beans
  • mayonnaise, ketchup and all other sauces.

The table indicates what is possible and what should not be used when dieting table 5 (full list).

Sample menu diet table number 5

menu diet table number 5

Dishes of the menu of a diet 5 table rather nourishing and various. Let us give an example of the daily menu for patients who are assigned this food system.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge (2 tablespoons of dried flakes) with ½ teaspoon of butter, steam omelet on water, rosehip drink.
  • Snack: souffle carrot puree.
  • Lunch: rice soup with pureed vegetables, boiled turkey fillet (no more than 100 grams), grated beets, uzvar from dry plums and pears.
  • Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese (100 gr), baked apple.
  • Dinner: steamed hake fillet (90 g), broccoli or zucchini puree, sea buckthorn or fruit tea.
  • Dinner late: bifidokofir.

Nutrition fully satisfies the physiological needs of the body both in energy and in biologically active substances. Diet table 5 for pancreatitis for a week is compiled with the given recommendations.

The dietary regimen for children and adult patients allows not only to normalize the biological functioning of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, biliary tract and restore the optimal functioning of the digestive organs, but also to lose weight. According to reviews of patients on diet No. 5 - weight loss occurs harmoniously, smoothly and permanently.

A significant lipid restriction is useful to all people who need to keep the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. By sticking to this menu over a long period of time, you can get rid of pain and discomfort in the right hypochondrium, as well as improve and cleanse the entire body.

Marina Anatolyevna
2017-04-07 19:22:04
And with hunger, who has not died yet?
2017-04-07 20:15:07
Wow hunger.
2017-05-10 10:21:30
this is not possible, especially a child!
Sergey Semenov
2017-05-10 10:53:46
We were so fed in the hospital
2017-05-12 11:20:59
so where to go, this is exactly the right nutrition, and not all sorts of sweets that ruin the body. Just among the abundance of temptations, alcohol, fast food and sweets with buns it is difficult to stay on this diet. Well, just say that you are weak, and you don’t have the heart to cope with it, and not that it’s impossible))
2017-05-22 16:01:24
♉ eat and cry, but eat
2017-07-04 12:02:33
I was so fed in the hospital after the operation. Now at home I eat the same dishes. Very satisfying, I do not feel hunger at all. And the result: - 7 kilograms in 20 days! And this is in bed mode, the complete absence of any load. As my doctor says: "there is nothing superfluous here." Yes, I want rolls, pies, cheese sandwiches, pizzas ... But when I stand on the scales, the desire to return to the old food system disappears. I advise everyone!
2017-07-27 05:21:18
Hello Anna. Could you send me a menu for the week. I would be very grateful to you.
Natalia V
2017-08-03 05:05:15
For those who want rolls and chips: did you know that the aristocracy in Russia always ate healthy food - potatoes, sauerkraut, meat was practically not eaten, eggs, and sometimes lard (rarely), and only occasionally on big holidays, and then they visited the vomit rooms, who needed them, and were healthy and lived to a great old age with a high quality of life !!! And if you want something - it is quite possible to afford a bun once a week, but not more often, or a piece of cake. And then you get used to it and don’t want to go, especially if you read the composition of purchased cakes. But in return, you will receive health and savings in money, that Niagara Falls see or fly to the Maldives. Be healthy!!!))))
Marina Kholodova
2017-08-07 04:42:23
90 gr. hake ?! Are you laughing? On such a diet you will stretch your legs!)
Sergey Popov
2017-08-18 11:23:09
And you can not cabbage, fat can not be, eggs can only be without yolks ... So the example is not entirely successful.
2017-08-25 05:54:33
Of course the child is impossible to eat. It should be hamburgers, pizza, chips feed. Will be healthier.
2017-10-18 05:26:39
I have frequent bouts of abdominal pain. So in this state I can not eat anything at all. Nausea, vomiting. It is necessary to deviate from the food, so the body suits the war. Children eat what we give them. This is a food culture. We are hungry for anything, then we whine from pain. I mean myself
Elena Pulkareva
2017-11-28 05:49:28
At the moment I am in the hospital, I was taken by ambulance, with a sharp holitsistom, with a full examination it was found that I have, plus more, stones in the gall bladder, I was not fed 4 days, droppers dripped three pieces at a time, and nothing died of starvation because glucose was added to the droppers. Now I feel much better, and I was prescribed a diet on the 5th table.
2018-01-09 07:02:37
Overnight the sentence - gallstones, kapets of the liver and in general the stomach. They gave the direction to the hospital to cut the gallbladder to hell. And then she managed it in full, especially when surgeons described what to expect in paints. And then my father's friend died of stomach cancer, the girl next-door girl of my age died ..... also stomach cancer. Here you have fast food in action. Sharply wanted to live! I had to force myself to eat oatmeal in the morning, to drink chicory, to begin to eat low-fat cottage cheese and further on the list. The first time was a guard! But the attacks of pain said, "If you want to die, eat a hamburger or a pizza. Come on, go ahead!" For a year of illness and the transition to a diet table number 5 everything has changed! Has thrown off excess weight, has started to go in for sports (cross-country skis, run, a bicycle), the body began to go nuts how tightened! I fell in love with porridge, kefir, Yessentuki (!!!) without gas, I cook in the oven, fish with vegetables, ummm, a fairy tale! There are breaks on the sweet, removed the chocolate, replaced with honey with additives, homemade jam (before the disease did not even try to cook), muesli bars with cream. Muesli should be washed down with a huge amount of water. Bread replaced the loaves, began to drink herbal. And of course, you need to drink a lot. Lots of! But now I know almost all the toilets and of what quality they are))))) After some time something changes in the body, chocolate stops stirring the brain, and the smell of herbal tea is almost like a drug beckons. Having drunk Essentuki for the first time, I curled up such a face, I wanted to spit it out, but now, a year later, for me this is the best drink. Health to you! Do not give up, if you want to live longer without problems, eat properly and do not accustom your children to McDonald's (and generally fast food) and soda. Health can not be bought, but to restore the killed SUCH money costs, you can buy a Ferrari. Apparently, the owner of the pharmacy, which I visit and actively sponsor, is already on my Ferrari and is riding.
Brother in mind
2018-01-22 05:28:47
Irina to eat healthy food is still not so expensive, and any dish can be made delicious even cottage cheese)))
2018-02-02 05:14:33
Damn, but as a child of 7 years on this diet to keep. He is so thin (((Half of this will not be there!

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