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Diet 4 table - features, menus and table of products

In the 20th century, the generally accepted Soviet doctor Pevzner developed 15 therapeutic nutrition systems aimed at restoring the body in the treatment of specific diseases. Modern skilled doctors successfully prescribe various tables, recommending patients to adhere to appropriate diets.

Table No. 4 is advisable to use in case of intestinal pathologies occurring in the acute form and during exacerbation of chronic conditions that are accompanied by intense diarrhea. Below we consider the features of diet table 4, using the table that can and can not be used within the framework of this system.

About medical diet

Diet 4 table

The main objective of the table number 4 - to provide the body with all the necessary biologically active substances, while minimizing the irritating load on the gastrointestinal tract and reducing inflammation.

The inclusion in the diet of products with astringent properties, such as quince, bird cherry, dogwood, blueberry, herbal teas, jelly, helps to normalize the work of the intestine with acute diarrhea syndrome.


Fundamental rules

Table No. 4 is recommended during the exacerbation period, therefore it provides for strict adherence to the diet - fractional portions, frequent meals, meals 5-6 times a day. Foods, mashed and paste-like, prepared from approved products, ensure the restoration of the inflamed GI tract without irritating the mucosa either thermally, or biochemically, or mechanically.

In the daily diet of table No. 4, the total amount of proteins remains in the normal rate (up to 90 g / day), while fats and carbohydrates are sharply limited (to 70 and 250 g / day, respectively). The normal amount of salt is up to 10 g / day, drinking water consumption is about one and a half to two liters / day, the total caloric intake is 1950-2000 kcal.

All dishes of the diet 4 table must be in a liquid or semi-liquid consistency, so the steamed or boiled food is brought to a pasty state, that is, wiped. Mucus is welcome.

Food temperature is from 15 to 65 ° C (only warm dishes, excluding both hot and cold). Solid, heavy, fatty, smoked, fried, sinewy, rich in dietary fiber and dense food is absolutely contraindicated.

Who is assigned table 4?

Patients with dysentery, acute enterocolitis, colitis in the acute and chronic phase, other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by severe and prolonged diarrhea, pain in the lower abdomen and general malaise are prescribed this diet.

Diet table 4 - what you can and what not to eat (table)

diet 4 table that you can not

When dieting table 4, the list of foods causing an increase in the secretory function of the digestive tract is excluded.

It is strictly contraindicated to use food that causes fermentation and putrefaction processes in the intestines, such as cabbage, sour cream, cheese, grape juice, plums, apricots, dried fruits, carbonated drinks, etc.

The ration is made on the basis of approved products - for more details on what can and cannot be eaten, see the table.

Permitted Products
(you can eat) Cereals are used to make porridges on water or loose broth without fat: oats, semolina, rice, buckwheat. Useful mucous decoctions of the listed cereals.

From fruits and berries it is desirable to cook compotes, jellies and jelly: blueberries, quince, cornel, bird cherry. Apples and pears are baked or rubbed.

Puree is made from vegetables, fruits are added to liquid dishes: beets, zucchini, carrots, potatoes.

Of dairy products, only fat-free or lean calcined cottage cheese in the form of a souffle or pureed is acceptable.

Fish is used only low-fat varieties: steam meatballs, dumplings, minced meat products, meatballs, meatballs, souffles.

From lean meats they prepare the same dishes as fish. Permissible: low-fat rabbit, diet turkey and chicken, lean veal. Stringy meat is not used.

From bread: wheat crackers.

From drinks: cocoa (boiled in water), green and black tea, extracts of quince fruits and dried rosehips, blueberries, currants.

Eggs (no more than 1 piece / day) are cooked in the form of a steam omelet in water or boiled softly. It is possible to add eggs to the recipe of liquid dishes.

Fresh butter in an amount of not more than 5 grams / day (add to the finished porridge or first meals).

Prohibited Products
(you can not eat) All products not listed above from the diet are completely excluded. When cooking spices and spices are not used. Any sauces are contraindicated.

Sample menu for a week diet table number 4

First day

Table 4 diet for children provides in the first day only non-carbonated water and tea. Adults on the first day are allowed, in addition to black unsweetened tea, to eat a crouton made from wheat bread and mucous rice porridge.

Second day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, soft-boiled soft egg, tea.
  • Snack: rice pudding.
  • Lunch: watery mashed potatoes and squash, softened boiled fillet of hake, uzvar from apples.
  • Snack: quince jelly.
  • Dinner: unleavened cottage cheese with applesauce, cocoa on the water.
  • Bedtime: dogrose infusion.

The third day

  • Breakfast: rice porridge on the water, 100 grams of lean, grated cottage cheese, tea.
  • Snack: jelly from quince.
  • Lunch: turkey dumplings, liquid semolina, diluted apple juice.
  • Lunch: decoction of blueberries.
  • Dinner: steam omelette, hoki rice-fish meatballs, rosehip infusion.
  • Bedtime: warm jelly from pears.

Fourth day

  • Breakfast: semolina, omelet, tea.
  • Snack: dogwood jelly.
  • Lunch: soup of mashed rice, potatoes and carrots, veal meatballs, compote.
  • Lunch: warm oatmeal jelly.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese with pear puree, fish cones (purée fillet + white crouton softened in water), tea.
  • Bedtime: carrot juice (diluted).

Fifth day

  • Breakfast: rice soup on the water with wheat crackers, berry juice.
  • Snack: Baked Apple.
  • Lunch: slimy soup with oatmeal and egg flakes, steam pollock meatballs, tea.
  • Snack: semolina pudding.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese and rice casserole, oat-blueberry kissel.
  • Bedtime: dogrose infusion.

Sixth day

  • Breakfast: viscous buckwheat porridge, cottage cheese, green tea.
  • Snack: jelly of berries of bird cherry.
  • Lunch: semolina soup with chicken fillet meatballs, crackers, mint tea.
  • Lunch: decoction of rice.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese pudding, soft-boiled egg, jelly.
  • Bedtime: pear-apple juice (diluted).

Seventh day

  • Breakfast: rice pudding with egg flakes, cocoa.
  • Snack: warm jelly from blueberries and bird cherry.
  • Lunch: potato and semolina soup, boiled rabbit, compote.
  • Lunch: buckwheat pudding on the water.
  • Dinner: calcined low-fat cottage cheese, steam omelette, cocoa on the water.
  • Bedtime: chamomile tea.

The diet is moderately rigorous, without deviations from the proposed diet, but it is tolerated easily thanks to regular meals by the hour and the supply of all the necessary batteries. Diet table 4 with diarrhea for a week allows you to normalize stools, eliminate pain in the epigastrium and relieve inflammation in the digestive tract. Be healthy!


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