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Diet table 2 - a menu for the week that you can and can not eat, table

Gastroenterologists argue that the successful treatment of all diseases of the digestive system is impossible without adhering to a physiologically complete and gentle diet. The appointment of patients diet table number 2 with 4-5 single meals in small portions ensures the supply of all necessary biologically active components with food and a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Compliance with dietary nutrition is advisable for a long period of time. To adhere to the diet number 2 can be in the hospital, spa treatment, at home.

The principle of nutrition provides for a fairly wide list of products from which you can prepare tasty and healthy dishes, and a variety of cooking technologies, so patients can easily withstand forced dietary restrictions.


About medical diet table 2

diet 2 table

Owing to the exclusion from the menu of food that is long delayed in the body, difficult to digest, irritatingly affecting the mucous and receptor apparatus of the products, there is not only a reduction in the load on the digestive organs, but also an increase in the secretory activity of the main gastrointestinal tract.

Due to the stimulation of metabolic processes, there is a natural decrease in body weight in the case of accumulated excess fat. Compliance with diet number 2 - prevention of gastritis and diseases of the digestive organs, as well as improving the adaptive and compensatory reactions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Medical diet table 2 is prescribed for the following pathological conditions of the body: gastritis, colitis, enteritis without concomitant diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Nutritionists say that with the exacerbation of chronic diseases and during periods of remission, acute gastritis, chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency, complete healing occurs with strict adherence to therapeutic nutrition for up to one and a half years.

Fundamental rules

The energy value of the diet for gastritis table 2 ranges from 2800 to 3100 kcal. To create a menu for every day diet table 2, you should adhere to the following chemical characteristics of food:

  • per day the body should receive about 400 grams of carbohydrates,
  • 100 grams of fat
  • 100 grams of animal proteins and 100 grams of vegetable proteins,
  • salt - up to 10 grams,
  • drinking water - 1.5 l.

The total weight of the daily ration is about 3 kg. Diet table 2 for children and adults normalizes intestinal peristalsis and stimulates the secretion of the digestive tract.

What can and can not eat?

What you can and what not to eat

The menu completely excludes fatty, sour, smoked, spicy, spicy, pickled, difficult to digest, excessively hot and icy food. The temperature of the food served should range from 15 ° C to 60 ° C. The frequency of meals in fractional portions ranges from 4 to 6 times, during periods of exacerbation the size of the portions decreases, and food intakes increase to 8 times a day.

Products containing coarse fiber, fiber and connective tissue must be rubbed. Culinary method of cooking: stewing, steaming, baking, boiling, frying (only without breading in breadcrumbs or flour and the formation of a coarse crust). The amount of raw fruit in the diet is minimized.

Product table - what you can and what not to eat

Permitted Products
(you can eat)
  • Low-fat varieties of fish in any version of the culinary processing (before frying, do not panirovan).
  • Daily bread, crackers, sweet cookies, bread, bran, biscuits.
  • Low-fat meat diet varieties (rabbit, turkey, chicken, veal). Do not over fry!
  • All dairy and fermented milk products (whole milk and fatty cream in limited quantities).
  • Cereals with the exception of barley, millet, corn grits.
  • All vegetables except legumes, garlic, radish, radish, horseradish, onions. Raw vegetables before use must wipe.
  • Lack of fish, vegetable and meat broth.
  • Starch.
  • Marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow, honey, sugar, jam, jam, confiture, candy.
  • Black and green tea, mate, hibiscus, weak coffee, rosehip infusion, chicory drink, herbal teas.
Prohibited Products
(you can not eat)
  • Mayonnaise and hot sauces.
  • Fat pork, lard, lamb, goose, duck.
  • Sweet, puff pastry, pastries made from it, cakes, pastries.
  • Smoked meat and fish.
  • All kinds of canned food.
  • Pickled, pickled, pickled vegetables.
  • Kvass.
  • Cooking fat, as well as mutton, beef and pork.
  • Raw berries and fruits with a rough peel and seeds (it is recommended to heat the fruit).
  • Grape juice.
  • Dates, figs.
  • Carbonated, chilled drinks, energy, ice cream.
  • Alcohol.
  • Chocolate products with butter cream.
  • Mushrooms and all products with them.

Sample menu for the week diet table number 2


  • Breakfast: boiled egg, oatmeal pudding, coffee with milk.
  • Snack: berry jelly.
  • Lunch: meatball soup, cauliflower puree, boiled veal, cream sauce, fruit jelly.
  • Lunch: an infusion of rose hips with the addition of natural honey.
  • Dinner: eggplant caviar, cottage cheese casserole, sour cream, green tea.
  • Bedtime: a glass of whole warm milk.


  • Breakfast: porridge from oatmeal flakes with butter, steam omelet on milk, karkade.
  • Snack: a glass of plum juice with pulp.
  • Lunch: chicken noodle soup, boiled celery puree, turkey breast, baked in foil with lemon juice, compote.
  • Safe, banana.
  • Dinner: stewed with carrots and beet hake, milk vermicelli soup, mate tea.
  • Bedtime: sour milk.


  • Breakfast: rice pudding, whole wheat bread, butter, hard cheese, herbal tea.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with peach puree.
  • Lunch: lean borscht, meatballs, buckwheat porridge, blueberry jelly.
  • Snack: jelly from fruits.
  • Dinner: potato casserole, boiled perch, cocoa.
  • Bedtime: acidophilus.


  • Breakfast: semolina porridge, sandwich with suluguni and butter, chicory drink with milk.
  • Snack: cottage cheese pudding.
  • Lunch: fish soup, turkey steam cutlets, durum wheat pasta, jelly.
  • Lunch: plum juice, biscuits.
  • Dinner: baked with lemon and parsley mackerel, boiled potatoes with dill, tea with milk.
  • Bedtime: bio ryazhenka.


  • Breakfast: protein omelet, rice salad and beef tongue, coffee.
  • Snack: Baked Apple.
  • Lunch: chicken broth with croutons, boiled potatoes, fish meatballs in cream sauce, raisins and prunes compote.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with strawberries.
  • Dinner: vermicelli casserole, cheesecakes, mint tea.
  • Bedtime: natural yoghurt.


  • Breakfast: rice porridge (boiled in milk), egg, cheese, bran bread, sea buckthorn tea.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with blueberries.
  • Lunch: buckwheat soup on skim meat broth with boiled vegetables, potato casserole with chicken, squash caviar, stewed fruit.
  • Lunch: berry mousse.
  • Dinner: grilled fillet of pollock, pumpkin and cauliflower ragout, rosehip infusion.

Bedtime: kefir with probiotics.


  • Breakfast: spaghetti with cheese, scrambled eggs, coffee.
  • Snack: bread and dried apricots.
  • Lunch: classic vegetable soup, rabbit stewed in sour cream, zrazy with cabbage, compote.
  • Lunch: carrot and apple juice.
  • Dinner: fried river fish (perch, carp, pike), vinaigrette (without peas), dressed with corn oil, dogrose infusion.
  • Bedtime: koumiss.

According to the reviews of experienced nutritionists, patients adhering to the No. 2 diet for a long time gradually lost weight, harmonizing body shape due to the activation of metabolic processes and cleansing the intestines from accumulated decomposition products, slags, toxic compounds. Be healthy!


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