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Diet 10 table: menu for a week, which can and can not (table)

The medical diet developed by the Soviet scientist Pevzner №10 is designed to normalize the state of the cardiovascular system and prescribed by doctors to patients with circulatory insufficiency I and IIa degree.

Competently composed diet and gentle nutrition contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, getting rid of swelling of the tissues, eliminating dyspnea, rhythm disturbances of the myocardium and excessive fatigue, weakness, lethargy.

About a Medical Diet

Diet table 10, with diseases of the cardiovascular system not only facilitates its functioning, but also significantly reduces the burden on the kidneys, optimizes the digestive process, strengthens the myocardium and vascular walls. Compliance with the therapeutic diet leads to increased circulation and normalization of liver function.

Therapeutic nutrition counteracts the progression of atherosclerosis - the formation of cholesterol plaques and associated metabolic disorders.


Basic dietary rules

Diet 10 table

The basic rules for making table menus 10 limit easily assimilated carbohydrates (sugars) and animal fats, as well as sodium chloride, free liquid, foods with high cholesterol content and extractive nitrogenous substances.

Eliminate the menu substances that excite the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as having an irritant effect on the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. Hard to weld and heavy meals in table 10 are unacceptable.

The treatment is facilitated by the inclusion in the diet of PUFA, lipotropic compounds, vitamins (excluding calciphyrenes), dietary fiber, seafood, rich in iodine, potassium, magnesium and other irreplaceable micro- and macro elements, food with alkalizing effects (milk, sour milk products, fruits).

All products are cooked with a moderate culinary mechanical shoe, the food temperature is standard. Meat is preliminarily cleaned from the fascia and tendons. Meat and fish are boiled, cooked for a couple, baked, extinguished without salt. Vegetables are used after cooking, fruits and berries - fresh. Salt in the process of heat treatment is not applied, salads already ready to eat.

The amount of complex carbohydrates in the table 10 is up to 350 g, the proteins - up to 107 g (two-thirds are for animals), fats - up to 68 g (one third is vegetable). The daily intake of salt from 3 to 5 grams, with increased edema salt is excluded completely, drinking regimen is not more than 1.2 liters per day, including drinks and liquid dishes - compotes, teas, soups.

Weight of daily meals up to 3 kg, caloric content - 2500-2550 kcal. Meals five times a day, in regular small portions, the last meal is prescribed no later than 3 hours before going to bed.

These are general recommendations that correspond to table 10. In each specific case, a cardiologist, endocrinologist, therapist or nutritionist appoints individual norms for the consumption of certain biochemical components taking into account the pathology and general condition of the patient's body.

Who is assigned table 10?

Diet table 10 for Pevzner is prescribed by physicians to patients with atherosclerosis of the vessels of the myocardium, brain and other organs, hypertensive patients (grade II and III) who underwent myocardial infarction (in the stage of scarring), with hypothyroidism (thyroid insufficiency), rheumatism, heart disease, system, IHD.

Duration of the diet - on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

Diet 10 table - what can you do that (table)

Diet 10 table - what can you do that you can not

To compose a delicious daily menu, use a variety of products from the approved list, changing the ways of cooking and including as many different names as possible. A detailed list of what you can and can not eat see the table of food.

Table of allowed and prohibited products
Permitted products
(you can eat)
  • Meat. In table 10, low fat diet meat is included. From a bird (a turkey, a chicken) preliminary delete a skin. The best way of cooking is steaming and cooking. It is advisable to cook all sorts of culinary products of their self-twisted minced meat (knels, cabbage rolls, steak cutlets, schnitzels, soufflé, casseroles).
  • A fish. Useful sea-fat and river fish.
  • Fats. Unsalted creamy natural and melted (limited) oil. Useful pumpkin, corn, grape seed, sunflower, sesame, soy, nut, linseed oil. Preference is given to unrefined oil of the first cold pressing.
  • Bread. Preference is given to salt-free, from wheat flour, dried bread. In the diet are added a non-savory biscuit biscuit, articles from biscuit without sugar.
  • Eggs. A weekly dose should not exceed 3 eggs. Prepare ordinary, protein omelettes for a couple, boil eggs soft, add to the first and second dishes.
  • Vegetables. The diet uses the majority of leafy greens and vegetables, but green peas and cabbage are allowed no more than once a week. Limited - radish, garlic, radish. Under the ban - legumes.
  • Fruit. It is acceptable to eat any berries and fruits, but with care, one should treat fruits with a large number of coarse dietary fiber, for example, apples, strawberries, citrus fruits, avocados, pears, blueberries.
  • Beverages. Compotes, kissels, mousses, teas from any sweet fruit and berries, green tea, infusion of fruits of sea-buckthorn and dog rose, herbal extracts, a drink from chicory.
  • Dessert. Dried fruits (limited), jelly, jam, honey, marshmallow, pastille, puddings from cereals and fruits are allowed in the diet table 10.
  • Dairy. All kinds of dairy products, except for fatty dishes.
  • Cereals. All kinds of cereals are useful, except for manga. Preference for crumbly and slimy porridges, puddings. It is acceptable to eat pasta from durum wheat.
Prohibited products
(you can not eat)
  • All fried dishes
  • Cooking fats, margarine, meat fats, lard,
  • Smoked meat, salted caviar, fried foods, fast food,
  • Canned food, semi-finished products
  • Natural coffee, cocoa, strong and fat broth,
  • Mustard, horseradish, pepper
  • Chocolate, confectionery
  • Raw fruit with coarse dietary fiber, spicy and spicy snacks
  • Mushrooms
  • Sour vegetables, pickles
  • Pancakes, fritters, fresh pastries
  • Salted and fatty sorts of cheese, fatty cottage cheese, cream
  • Alcohol, energy, lemonade and carbonated drinks.

To enumerate everything that can not be eaten is simply meaningless, it is necessary to focus on the list of allowed products, following the rule "what is not allowed is prohibited."

Sample menu for the week of diet table number 10

Sample menu for the week of diet table number 10

  • Breakfast: millet millet porridge, protein omelet, berry tea.
  • Snack: apples and pears baked with honey.
  • Lunch: lean borsch with vegetable oil (half portion), turkey boiled with mashed potatoes, jelly from raspberry.
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of acidophilus and rice pudding.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese casserole with sour cream and jam, pike fillets in dairy sauce with potato-carrot stew, infusion of dogrose.
  • Late dinner: biscuits and a drink from chicory.

Make diets from the proposed products for each day of the week, based on the proposed menu. Despite the impressive list of banned products, with imagination you can eat not only useful and varied, but also delicious.

Do not forget that food should be taken at the same time to form useful digestive habits and facilitate the work of the body. Be healthy!

2016-11-11 23:17:24
All this is not tasty.
non-linguistically created
2016-11-13 09:03:35
it is tasty, it is just necessary that the hands should not grow from .... and be able to cook
2017-01-19 16:36:38
not tasty and nourishing
2017-02-02 11:16:19
"Meat, low-fat diet meat is included in table 10. From the bird (turkey, chicken), the skin is removed ..." - I always thought that the animals have SKIN, not the skin :)
2017-02-02 11:34:29
And yet, if we are talking about diet number 10, then the ban is not only on the manga, but also on the corn, the yolk, the pearl barley and millet cereals! (And you have it, like, you can (?) And much more ... People, who composed (laid out here) this diet - ask the experts that you can (!), do not confuse the people!
2017-02-02 16:29:48
Lyudmila, you do not confuse this. The prohibition of cereals is more widespread in diet variations, and that is not complete.
2017-02-03 12:33:48
Thank you, corrected :)
2017-02-03 12:35:37
Ludmila: Diet № 10 А (NK 2b-3 degrees) ---- porridge in water with milk, soufflé with manna, rice, hornets and buckwheat groats. Boiled vermicelli. Exclude: millet, barley, pearl barley, pasta and beans. Diet № 10 (NK 1-2a) - exclude only legumes. you can have different cereals and puddings, on water and milk, pasta. Diet 10 C (atherosclerosis, IHD, GB without NC) ---- buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, barley, crumbly, casseroles, raspberries. Limit: rice, mango, pasta. Diet 10 AND (infarction): 1 diet (acute infarction, 1 week - 100 - 150 g manki, wiped buckwheat, Hercules on milk). 2 ration - (subacute period, 2-3 weeks) - 150-200 g of liquid viscous, unsweetened cereals, 100 g of crumbly buckwheat, casserole of manna, 3 rations (period of scarring, 4 weeks) - 200 g of cereals, vermicelli with cottage cheese, semolina casserole with apples, buckwheat - curd pudding. Handbook of therapeutic nutrition. Publishing house "Medicine", Moscow, 1985. Authors - BL Smolyansky, dmn, head. cafe. hygiene of nutrition and clinical dietology of Dnepropetrovsk honey. Institute, and dms, prof., head. cafe. technology of production of public catering products of the Leningrad Institute of Soviet Trade Zh. Abramov.
I wish you a whole lot of Gathering
2017-02-20 17:00:11
I do not want to upset anybody. We all, when we die, we will become countrymen. All. Fry the skin / animal skin, spread it with mayonnaise and use it! Before bedtime. And do not publish, do not read! Take a walk for a few more years ...
2017-07-25 05:06:56
but useful. With this diagnosis without options: either to eat or live

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