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What it is better not to eat before bed? Healthy sleep recommendations

The quality of the night rest directly depends on the health and working capacity of the body. One of the factors that affect the ability of the body to relax and fall asleep without suffering from hunger and nightmares is the evening meal - light, full, consisting of useful products.

The recommended energy value of the evening meal is 250 kcal. Low-calorie dinner will allow you not to gain extra pounds and unload the digestive tract. A textbook glass of yogurt or curdled milk before sleeping will satisfy the feeling of hunger and strengthen intestinal peristalsis, facilitating easy emptying after morning awakening.

Abundant evening meals worsen sleep, provoke heavy dreams and nightmares, poison the body. The problem of modern man is lack of time or lack of desire to eat in the morning and at lunch. Snacks on the go lead to uncontrollable appetite in the evening hours. That's why, after coming home from work, after a busy day, we overeat.


What it is better not to eat before bed?

What better not to eat before bedtime

Not only before going to bed, but also at dinner, it is not recommended to eat fried, salted, smoked, pickled, canned, fatty and heavy food, with which the digestive tract will not have time to cope with the rest of the time before going to bed. It is undesirable to eat meat and all its derivatives in the evening.

Gastroenterologists claim that the production of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of meat protein stops after 15-00. Undigested food remains in the stomach until morning, decomposing and poisoning the body.

It is worth to refrain from the evening meal and from drinks containing caffeine - power engineers, coffee, black strong tea. Alcohol, which is considered a traditional evening relaxant, first successfully relaxes, but after a few hours, ethyl alcohol begins its destructive activity in the body, causing overstrain of the nervous system, which is manifested by attacks of headache, stomach cramps, anxiety and tension. That's why after parties with an abundance of spirits a person often can not sleep for a long time.

But the fish, boiled or baked, in combination with vegetables (fresh and stewed) and whole grain bread for dinner is very useful.

And as a dessert you can pamper yourself with cottage cheese (casserole or syrniki with sour cream not only improve digestion, but also perfectly satisfy hunger, allowing you to sleep peacefully). Also in the evening fruit, berries and any sour-milk drinks are useful.

Strict diets that provide for a ban on eating after 18-00, are not suitable for everyone. Try not to go to bed with an empty stomach, as this leads to difficulties with falling asleep, and the morning awakening threatens with unpleasant symptoms in the form of weakness and weakness.

If you stay up late and rumble in your stomach before going to bed, then light foods that will not have a significant effect on weight gain will satisfy your hunger. They include: kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt, fermented milk, low-calorie cheese, whole milk, a handful of dried fruits, seeds or unroasted nuts, honey, baked apple.

What can lead to a lack of sleep?

What can lead to underfulf? Hours reserved for sleep, which we steal from our own organism for work, night hangouts or communication on the Internet, eventually turn into serious health problems. The optimal time for a complete rest of an adult is between 6 and 8 hours. In some cases, people with a sensitive nervous system require more (up to 10 hours).

Regular lack of sleep is fraught with serious consequences, ranging from heart problems and ending with severe neuroses and chronic fatigue syndrome. Deficiency of rest negatively affects the work of all organs and systems, as they work with overload.

What diseases can you earn if you do not sleep enough?

Even a sleepless night can cause an aggravation of hunger, a deterioration in the receptivity to information and memory, a loss of concentration, a decrease in immunity, a fluctuation in the emotional background, a microdamaging of the "main computer" - the brain. And the appearance after insomnia, as a rule, leaves much to be desired.

If you do not sleep enough chronically - the risk of earning a stroke, heart attack, ischemia, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus is increased many times.

Deficiency of sleep can trigger the onset of malignant cell degeneration, uncontrolled adipose tissue, decreased quality of seminal fluid (in men), problems with gynecology (in women) and infertility. You even risk suddenly die from a cardiac arrest that has not sustained excessive stress.

Tips for a healthy sleep

Tips for a healthy sleep

To develop good habits and sleep hygiene, stick to the routine of the day, waking up and going to bed at the same time.

  • Do not overeat at night, avoid harmful food and drinks over dinner. Try to plan reception of a greater part of a ration for first half of day (a breakfast and a dinner).
  • Everyone who is difficult to fall asleep, doctors recommend before drinking a glass of warmed milk with a tablespoon of honey. This biological and safe sleeping pills has no contraindications, except lactose intolerance and allergy to bee products.
  • Well relaxes the body of herbal tea from mint, lemon balm, chamomile with the addition of honey.
  • Get a comfortable bed, a mattress, an orthopedic pillow and quality bedding.
  • To provide the body with sufficient oxygen, experienced doctors recommend sleeping with an open window or a window or ventilating the sleeping room before going to bed for at least a quarter of an hour.
  • Improves the quality of night rest aromatization of air with essential oils: lavender, cypress, orange, peppermint, lemon balm. Evening bath with coniferous concentrate or enumerated enriched to promote high-quality relaxation and quick falling asleep.
  • Evening hour walks not only saturate the blood with oxygen, but also lead to a deep and full rest at night.

Not spilled stress can provoke insomnia. It is required to find their own ways of relaxing, especially after stressful situations, which are full of the life of modern man. Meditation, massage and self-massage, dancing, yoga, sports, walks through the forest, reading spiritual literature, visiting the steam room (sauna, Russian bath, hamam) are centuries-proven methods of relaxation and stress removal.

Enjoy your dreams!


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