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What to do if burned in the sun? Sunburn home treatment

Sunburn of the skin - blistering or redness caused by ultraviolet rays that cause damage to all layers of the skin. More often under the influence of the sun the epidermis suffers, damage occurs with the formation of edema, severe pain, redness and detachment.

Features suffer from people with light-colored skin, but no one is immune from sunburn. What to do if burned in the sun? First aid depends on the symptoms of the burn and the depth of the tissue damage.


Sunburn Symptoms

Burnt in the sun, mild burn, photo

Burnt in the sun, mild burn, photo

Open parts of the body - face and nose, often burned in the sun. In a bathing suit and open clothes, shoulders, back or other naked body parts are affected.

Feet burn less frequently, but burns in this area occur with symptoms of severe pain, swelling and difficult treatment.

The first symptoms of sunburn appear after 30 minutes, and most manifest after 8-10 hours.

The clinical picture is known, it is as follows:

  1. Focal or diffuse redness;
  2. Local swelling;
  3. Soreness with every movement and touch of a charred area;
  4. The burn center is hot;
  5. The temperature rises, both local and general;
  6. The skin is dry and blisters appear.

Damage to the epidermis and the deeper layers of the skin is accompanied by the formation of toxins. Clinically, this is manifested by symptoms of endogenous intoxication: headache, fever, nausea.

Young children quickly develop dehydration and shock. The symptoms of burning in the sun can join signs of exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as allergic urticaria.

What to do if burned in the sun?

What to do if burned in the sun? The amount of medical care for a burn depends on the degree of tissue damage.

When the first degree (reddening of the skin) is carried out at home, the body temperature remains normal.

The second degree (the formation of bubbles filled with liquid of various sizes) requires special treatment. The condition is accompanied by fever and symptoms of intoxication.

Obligatory treatment to the doctor requires burns of the face, skin burns in pregnant women and the appearance of blisters filled with bloody fluid.

Medical care for burning face: how to remove redness?

Excessive exposure to sunlight causes the formation of pigment spots, photodermatosis, and in severe cases leads to scars. When the first signs of burning appear, the damaged skin should be cooled with cool water.

You can impose a mask of kefir, sour cream or whey. It should not be allowed to dry so as not to damage the skin. The mask must be periodically moistened, put an additional layer on top.

It is forbidden to use alcohol lotions for wiping the face after burning, they dry out the skin and cause additional damage to the epidermis cells.

You can not apply to the skin fat cream, vaseline, it will lead to heat retention and thermal damage to the deeper layers of the skin.

What should I do if my nose is burned?

Burning nose treatment

Burning nose treatment

The sun is always exposed to direct sunlight. A sunblock cream, a hat with a visor or a hat with a long brim will help prevent it from burning.

If the nose is still burned, a grated cucumber will help to fix it. Apply fresh pulp for 15-20 minutes.

Aloe juice has a good effect on burning the nose, which lubricates the burned area until the redness and symptoms of the burn disappear.

You can also use all the means of burns and burning, listed below.

Sunburn without heat

Local back burns can be treated with home remedies, they proceed without increasing body temperature. For symptoms of burning, cool the skin with cool water, apply a “after tanning” moisturizer or burn spray. You can use sour cream or kefir.

Do not overdry the skin (smear with alcohol), as well as apply a greasy cream.

What to do if after burning sun temperature rose and nausea appeared?

The effects of severe sunburn, photo

The effects of severe sunburn, photo

Extensive burns, as well as local with deep skin lesions, occur with symptoms of intoxication and signs of heat stroke. Possible drop in pressure and fainting, nausea, vomiting.

A patient with such symptoms of burning should be placed in a cool place sheltered from the sun. If possible, measure blood pressure and temperature.

Treatment of burning skin with a temperature above 37.5 degrees:

  • Moisten and cool damaged areas;
  • Lubricate the burn area with a medical spray;
  • Take painkillers (ibuprofen, paracetamol);
  • Antihistamines (suprastin, loratadine, claritin) will relieve swelling, redness and itching of the skin.

For detoxification and prevention of dehydration, the amount of liquid drunk must be at least 3 liters / day.

Blisters should not be pierced to avoid infection.

Sunburn, which is accompanied by symptoms of heat stroke, is subject to the provision of specialized medical care.

Treatment of sunburn folk remedies

If after burning the temperature did not rise, and the burn is limited, then you can use home treatment methods. In folk medicine, use simple and combined recipes funds from sunburn:

  1. Grate the potatoes, put the mush in the place of the burn. After 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.
  2. They will remove puffiness and anesthetize cold compresses from green tea, aloe juice, sauerkraut masks.
  3. Freeze cottage cheese and apply on the affected area for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Chilled oatmeal mask applied to the face. You need to keep 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Lavender cream: Mix 50 ml of body milk with lavender essential oil (20 drops), add a teaspoon of chamomile decoction.

Home remedies for burns should be applied 4-6 times / day on burnt skin of the face, back and other areas. Home remedies are used as basic for mild degrees of burning.

With extensive burns, severe intoxication, fever, use of pharmaceutical ointments and aerosols.

Sunburn Pharmaceuticals

Sunburn Pharmaceuticals

Burned in a T-shirt

Medications must have analgesic, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects. The following pharmaceutical preparations have such properties that are used to treat sunburn:

Ointments and gels with hydrocortisone - relieve itching, swelling of tissues and redness. Possess fast, effective action.

Anesthetic lidocaine based ointment .

Aerosols and sprays containing panthenol - the most popular tool with anesthetic and wound healing effect. Vitamin E and Coenzyme A has a regenerating effect, softens the skin and eliminates inflammation.

Burning, even mild, causes pigmentation and aging of the skin. Nevus under the influence of sunlight can be malignant.

Therefore, protect your skin from direct ultraviolet rays, use anti-tanning agents and sun-protection hats. And if a sunburn has already happened - help yourself and your loved ones correctly.

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In that year, I had such a sunburn that even the scar remained (((

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