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Scabies in adults: symptoms, early signs, treatment

The disease belongs to the most common skin parasitic diseases and is easily transmitted from patient to healthy.

The first signs of scabies appear several days after contact. Below are detailed photos to know exactly how scabies looks in an adult, its initial symptoms and an explanation of how to treat it.

  • The disease is caused by a microscopic parasite of a scabies mite, namely, its females. Once on the human skin, they immediately begin to penetrate the epidermis, making moves. These moves can last for one and a half months.

Daily the female lays up to three eggs. After two weeks, the hatched larvae themselves become able to reproduce. Males after mating die.

Scabies in adults

The life span of ticks consists of two periods:

  • reproductive (the path from the egg to the appearance of the larva);
  • metamorphic (development from larva to adult).

Ways To Get Scabies

Scabies is transmitted only by contact, from a sick person. Sometimes you can get infected through common household items - towels, bed linen.

Infection is possible only at the metamorphic stage, when the young individuals are able to move from person to person and exist for a short time in the external environment. Dust, natural fabric, wood are most favorable for their preservation outside man.

However, indirect (indirect) infection through household items is still found not so often due to the low viability of the tick. In violation of sanitary norms, especially in public places, baths, trains, hotels, infection is likely.


Symptoms, photo, the first signs of scabies

The main characteristic sign of the disease is severe itching, leading to scratching, blistering and skin rash. Itching intensifies at night, after a hot shower.

symptoms of scabies photo

symptoms of scabies photo

The degree of manifestation of the symptom depends on the number of parasites and the individual characteristics of the patient - the sensitivity of the nerve endings and the degree of resistance to the products of ticks (feces, oral fluid, oviduct secretion).

Combing the skin, the patient can additionally infect it, which leads to pustular inflammation, microbial eczema, and dermatitis. Other complications include septicemia, erysipelas, abscesses, lymphadenitis.

A closer look at the surface of the skin can be seen winding thin whitish passages, done by ticks. They are located not everywhere, but on certain parts of the body.

scabies move photo

scabby move

The presence of hair cover (it should be absent or minimal), the degree of keratinization of the skin (the denser layer of the epidermis, the more likely to hatch to all laid eggs), reduced temperature of a particular area.

As a rule, the disease primarily affects the areas of the body with the thinnest skin - the elbow bends, the inguinal area, the surface around the navel, and the interdigital areas - from which the symptoms of scabies begin (onset of itching).

In young children, localization is different - palms and soles, face, buttocks. At an early age, the first signs of scabies can easily be confused with urticaria or atopic dermatitis .

first signs of scabies photo

symptoms of the photo, the first signs between the fingers

If you do not know how to treat scabies or do it wrong, then the disease, complicated by pyoderma, can lead to sepsis and death.

Usually, for the diagnosis of enough symptoms and visual inspection. Sometimes in doubtful cases microscopic examination of the scraping is required. Under a microscope, adult mites, feces and eggs become visible.

Also determined by the type of scabies - children, nodular, psevdochesotka, Norwegian.

Treatment of scabies in adults

Treatment of scabies in adults

Of course, this disease does not go away - for the treatment of scabies in adults, local remedies are used - special ointments and solutions.

Before using anti-scab, in the absence of pustules, you need to take a hot shower. This helps to soften the stratum corneum of the skin and better penetration of the drug, and also removes parasites from the skin surface.

Remedies for scabies are made on the basis of benzyl benzoate, thiosulfate and hydrochloric acid, sulfur, tar, permethrin, ivermectin. The choice of drugs will depend on the age, neglect of the disease, the presence of complications and their severity, pregnancy.

Apply the medicine more expediently in the evening, when the parasites are most active. In addition, night time will be enough for the death of scabies mites.

Do not rely on home treatment of scabies folk remedies, it can be useless and lead to increased disease. Special ointments are quite inexpensive and effective, it is simply unwise to neglect them.

For the complete destruction of the parasite you need to follow certain rules:

  • treat everyone living with the patient;
  • do not shorten the course of treatment;
  • shortly trim the nails, where the eggs of mites accumulate when scratching the skin;
  • medicinal preparations should be rubbed into the body with the hands, since there are many scabies on the hands;
  • it treats the whole body, with the exception of the scalp and face, and in children up to the age of three, these areas are also treated;
  • You can wash no earlier than 12 hours after treatment with the product.

Treatment of scabies ointment preparations

In parallel with the treatment of scabies on the skin, it is also necessary to process the clothes, and the patient's underwear should be washed or boiled. Other things that can not be washed, ironed with a hot iron, air for a week in the fresh air.

Sometimes there is a need for processing the room. For this purpose, an aerosol based on esdepaletrin and piperonylbutoxide is used, affecting the nervous system of the scabies mite.

After the course of treatment, results are monitored for one and a half months.

Scabies Prevention

When a patient is identified at any stage of scabies, measures are taken to prevent the disease of persons who have come in contact with the patient. To do this, a single treatment of the skin with anti-tick preparations is enough.

The incidence of scabies does not depend on the level of hygiene, the mite is not susceptible to soap. Therefore, daily use of the shower does not reduce the likelihood of infection and further development of the disease with possible contact with the patient.

This disease does not have spontaneous recurrence - the resumption of the disease is possible only with re-infection.


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