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It hurts the right side under the rib, what to do and how to treat?

Discomfort and pain symptoms in the hypochondrium of the right side experienced over a lifetime of more than 30% of people in the world. Many factors can serve as a reason for this.

, которые могут воспаляться, увеличиваться в размерах или смещаться со своего анатомического ложа. First of all - in this area the liver and kidney are covered with ribs, which can become inflamed, increase in size or move from their anatomical bed.

Provoke pain in the right side under the ribs, of varying intensity and nature, can pathologies of internal organs. In addition, pain symptoms can be localized in various projections.


Causes of pain in the right side under the rib in front

The right side hurts under the rib

Pain in the right side under the rib in front provokes pathological processes in various organs and systems located in close proximity to the anterior wall of the peritoneum.

Acute inflammatory reactions in the gallbladder

Sharp stitching pain symptoms in the abdominal abdominal muscle zone running along the right side of its white line and costal arch - provoke infectious bacterial microorganisms or overlapping of the cervix or duct of the gall bladder with crystalline formations as a result of the development of choledocholithiasis.

At the same time, they can be very intense:

  • give to the shoulder area;
  • accompanied by eructations;
  • bile vomiting;
  • nausea and bitterness in the mouth.

The development of calculous and chronic cholecystitis is complementary to the symptomatology - flatulence (bloating), apathy towards food, insensitivity of fried and fatty foods, light yellowing of the eye proteins.

Diseases of the liver

It is with the right side under the ribs that the right lobe of the liver is located and the pain sensations in it can cause a number of pathologies:

Структурное изменение печени в результате отмирания клеток и образование узлов при циррозе. 1) Structural change in the liver as a result of the death of cells and the formation of nodes in cirrhosis. Nodal neoplasms lead to compression of blood vessels and bile ducts, causing permanent painful sensations in the side.

As a result of blood clots in the portal vein, varicose veins, bleeding in the esophagus, ascites (fluid in the peritoneum) develop. In the future, the liver reduces its size and reduces efficiency.

Any type of manifestation of hepatitis - alcohol, toxic, or viral - precedes the disease.

Схожие с циррозом болезненные симптомы, может вызвать образование в печени печеночно-клеточного рака. 2) Similar to cirrhosis painful symptoms, can cause the formation of hepatic-cell carcinoma in the liver. Differentiate it only with tissue biopsy.

Кистозные образования, заполненные жидкостью, вызванные глистным паразитом эхинококком. 3) Cystic formations filled with fluid caused by a helminthic parasite echinococcus. The localization of cysts is often in the right lobe of the liver.

Gradual increase in their size causes squeezing of the liver capillaries and ducts, uneven liver enlargement. Suppuration provokes the development of hepatic abscess and intensification of painful sensations.

Digestive tract problems

Causes of pain in the right side under the rib in front Патологические процессы ободочной кишки, вызванные различными заболеваниями или ранениями вызывают боли в правом боку сбоку. 1) Pathological processes of the colon caused by various diseases or wounds cause pain in the right side laterally. While the process of inflammation does not affect the cavity of the peritoneum, they are weakly expressed, radiating into the umbilical and inguinal zones on the right.

Длительные воспалительные процессы в кишечнике и развитие гранулематозных воспалений во всех отделах ЖКТ – причины непроходимости и некроза тканей кишечника, проявляясь спазматическими болевыми симптомами в подреберье справа. 2) Prolonged inflammatory processes in the intestine and the development of granulomatous inflammations in all parts of the digestive tract are the causes of obstruction and necrosis of the intestinal tissues, manifesting spasmodic pain symptoms in the hypochondrium on the right.

Злокачественные новообразования в кишечнике сходны с симптомами кишечной непроходимости или острого живота, также вызывают болезненность в проекции правого бока под ребрами. 3) Malignant neoplasms in the intestine are similar to those of the intestinal obstruction or acute abdomen, also cause soreness in the projection of the right side under the ribs.

Разная степень воспалительных реакций в червеобразном отростке начинается в надчревном отделе, постепенно переходящих в область правого подреберья, вызывая боль. 4) The different degree of inflammatory reactions in the appendix starts in the epigastrium, gradually turning into the right hypochondrium, causing pain.

Heart pathologies

As a result of violations of cardiac functions causing circulatory disorders in a closed vascular pathway, the liver increases in size. This causes swelling in the abdominal wall and accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

The irreversible stage of heart failure leads to changes in the liver similar to cirrhosis.

The result of myocardial infarction, abdominal variant, are burning pains and a feeling of pressure in the hypochondrium of the side to the right. Sometimes they radiate into the scapula or chest area.

Pain in right side from behind

Pain in right side from behind

On the pathological changes in the kidney, diseases of the adrenal gland, violations in the functions of the large vena cava, the injuries of the ribs or intercostal neuralgia say pain in the right side of the back under the ribs.

Diseases accompanying such symptoms are manifested due to:

острого инфекционного воспаления почек (пиелонефрита), разлитым гнойным процессом в органе, образования карбункула либо абсцесса (апостаматозный пиелонефрит). 1) acute infectious inflammation of the kidneys (pyelonephritis), diffuse purulent process in the organ, carbuncle formation or abscess (apostatum pyelonephritis).

Травмирования полостной системы почки и мочеточника камнями или песком (при мочекаменной болезни). 2) Injuries of the renal and ureteral cavity system with stones or sand (with urolithiasis). It manifests a paroxysmal pain in the lower zone of the ribs, in the lateral and lumbar region.

Вследствие папиллярного некроза (ишемического инфаркта почечных сосочков). 3) Due to papillary necrosis (ischemic infarct of renal papillae). This pathology develops with diabetes or is a consequence of the infectious process. Pain symptomatology is constant. Greater likelihood of septic shock in the development of the disease.

Воспаления в жировой клетчатке почки, вызванного действием присутствующих в организме очагов инфекции (тонзиллит, кариес). 4) Inflammation in the fatty tissue of the kidney caused by the action of foci of infection present in the body (tonsillitis, caries). The feeling of pain increases with a sharp change in body position, movement, or with complete breathing. Similar symptoms appear in intercostal neuralgia.

Вследствие поясничного остеохондроза, проявляющегося зажатостью мышц, ограничением подвижности и различной интенсивности болевых проявлений в данной проекции. 5) Due to lumbar osteochondrosis, manifested by the clamping of muscles, restriction of mobility and various intensity of pain manifestations in this projection.

Следствие ушиба ребер , переломов или поражения тела опоясывающим лишаем. 6) Consequence of contusion of ribs , fractures or lesions of the body by shingles.

Болит правый бок под ребром и отдает в спину, когда злокачественное новообразование перекрывает или нарушает отток урины и при опухолях надпочечника. 7) It hurts the right side under the rib and gives in the back, when a malignant neoplasm overlaps or disturbs the outflow of urine and with tumors of the adrenal gland.

Similar signs, but with the addition of irradiation under the shoulder blade soreness, is observed with thrombosis of the hollow lower vein.

Pain right to the hypochondrium during movement

Pain right to the hypochondrium during movement Pain sensations on the right side of the hypochondrium during movement often appear in people who are practically healthy. This may be due to the effects of physical exertion unusual for a person.

At this time, an intensive release of the epinephrine hormone and the acceleration of blood flow, causing the process of widening the organs and the hollow vein, passing in the zone of the right hypochondrium - this causes morbidity.

Similarly, painful symptoms can cause sudden changes in position when walking - tilts, turns - this is due to rib touch with the organs. Such painful symptoms quickly pass.

If they are of a pricking nature and last more than half an hour - this may indicate a possible infringement of the relevant authorities, which requires urgent medical intervention.

To what doctor to address?

Any pain, and subcostal including - these are symptoms of malfunctions in the body. In this area of ​​the body, very important organs are localized, and pathological changes in them can lead to a fatal outcome.

Severe pain symptomatology in this area may be a consequence of:

  • isolated gallbladder rupture and ducts;
  • injuries of organs;
  • renal paraphimosis (cystic infringement);
  • rupture or collapse of the kidney (nephroptosis).

To what doctor to address? Such pathologies require urgent surgical treatment. Long-lasting pains in the hypochondrium of the side to the right require timely examination and treatment.

It is not recommended to use independent anesthetics. The symptomatology is eliminated temporarily, but the disease remains. In addition, taking medications "smoothes out" the symptoms and complicates the diagnosis.

The first step is to visit the therapist - he will conduct an initial examination and diagnosis. If necessary, appoint a consultative examination of a neuropathologist or endocrinologist, cardiologist or surgeon.

What to do? Diagnosis and treatment of pain

Diagnosis begins with a patient's questioning about the nature of pain manifestations, intensity and underlying localization. About their connection with the diet. There is an anamnesis of diseases, infection and trauma. Attention is drawn to the condition of fatty tissue and the tone of the muscles of the peritoneum.

A palpation examination and general tests are conducted - biochemical indicators, functional tests. Diagnosis should be comprehensive, including an organ examination and its functional capabilities.

When suspicion of pathological processes lying in this projection organs, instrumental diagnostics is prescribed, including:

  • excretory urography;
  • radioisotope renography and scintigraphy;
  • vertical aortography;
  • roentgenoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • US of bile ducts, kidneys and liver;
  • biopsy, for the detection of tumor processes.

A single protocol for the treatment of pain in the right side under the rib there. After identifying the cause and establishing an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan is prepared that corresponds to a particular pathology.

It includes a set of activities:

  • drug therapy aimed at treating the disease and alleviating the symptoms;
  • surgical treatment (if necessary);
  • vitamin therapy;
  • correction of diet.

Regardless of the pain, and where it is localized, diagnosis and treatment should be the prerogative of a specialist.


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