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Pain in the anus in women: the reasons and what to do?

Good state of health depends on many factors. Overwork, lack of sleep, avitaminosis primarily affect the person's activity. Sometimes, at first glance, a minor malfunction in the work of any of the organs affects the entire body, interferes with full-time work and rest, irritates, depresses, frightens.

For example, pain in the anus - on the one hand, among other everyday worries, they are assessed as not deserving of attention, on the other hand, their occurrence can cause anxiety - especially with a constant character and an increase in intensity. This is a sign of trouble, and you can not ignore it.


Causes of pain in the anus

Pain in the anus in women

In women, pain in the anus can occur for various reasons, sometimes quite unexpected.

Казалось бы, простой случай — боль отдает в заднем проходе и появляется при вставании со стула, это испытывали многие женщины после 40 лет. 1. It would seem that a simple case - pain gives in the anus and appears when getting up from a chair, it was experienced by many women after 40 years.

The reason, of course, can be the most banal - an uncomfortable hard chair, on which you have to sit all day. But more often such a symptom occurs when there is disorder with coccyx (cocci), it indicates the development:

  • Osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral section ;
  • Intervertebral hernia with infringement of nerve roots (radiculitis);
  • Spinal curvature with intervertebral cartilage damage;
  • Consequences of a coccyx injury during fall or as a result of childbirth;
  • Obesity and associated excess pressure on the coccyx from the internal organs;
  • Endometriosis, adnexitis and ovarian cysts (gynecological problems);
  • Displacement of the tailbone with enthusiasm for cycling or horse riding.

Pain can be different: aching and protracted in the form of a kind of colic.

Частая причина болей в зоне ануса — геморрой у женщин и его последствия. 2. A common cause of pain in the anus zone is hemorrhoids in women and its consequences.

Hemorrhoids - an extension of the venous vessels of the rectum. It develops with a general tendency to varicose veins, with lifting and wearing weights, with constipation, pregnancy, with regular intake of spicy food and alcohol. It is characterized by a drawing pain in the anus.

Hemorrhoids can undergo thrombosis and necrosis, and then the pains become unbearable, the temperature rises, the state of health worsens - emergency surgeon's help is needed.

Трещина прямой кишки может развиваться как следствие геморроя и как самостоятельное заболевание при частых запорах или регулярных поносах, а также при травме стенки кишки содержимым каловых масс — например, рыбной костью. 3. Fissure of the rectum can develop as a consequence of hemorrhoids and as an independent disease with frequent constipation or regular diarrhea, as well as trauma to the intestinal wall of the contents of fecal matter - for example, a fish bone. It is characterized by:

  • painful sharp pain in the anus, growing with defecation,
  • spasm of the anus of the sphincter,
  • Scarlet blood in stool.

Парапроктит (воспаление соединительной ткани в зоне прямой кишки) и абсцесс прямой кишки обычно выявляются как осложнения геморроя или трещины стенки кишки — происходит инфицирование окружающих тканей через повреждённый эпителий. 4. Paraproctitis (inflammation of the connective tissue in the rectal zone) and abscess of the rectum are usually identified as complications of hemorrhoids or cracks in the intestinal wall - infection of surrounding tissues through the damaged epithelium occurs.

Aching pain in the anus passes into a sharp one from the slightest movement and requires surgical intervention.

Спазмы мышц прямой кишки (прокталгические фуги) причиняют боль в ночное время, характерны для молодого возраста, связаны с гормональной перестройкой. 5. Spasms of the muscles of the rectum (proctalgic fugues) cause pain at night, are characteristic for a young age, are associated with hormonal reorganization.

Ущемление и выпадение прямой кишки , что наблюдается у много рожавших и пожилых женщин, вызывает сильные боли. 6. Infringement and prolapse of the rectum , which is observed in many women giving birth and elderly women, causes severe pain.

Иррадиирующими в область анального прохода могут быть боли при аппендиците. 7. Irradiating in the anal passage area can be pain in appendicitis. Therefore, if they appeared suddenly and are amplified, it is necessary to take into account such an option.

Опухоль прямой кишки не сразу проявляет себя болевыми ощущениями, сначала возникают кровотечения и запоры. 8. Tumor of the rectum does not immediately manifest itself painful sensations, first there are bleeding and constipation. But gradually the pain becomes pronounced and permanent.

Гонорейный проктит сопровождается ощущением боли и жжения в заднем проходе, кровянистыми и слизистыми включениями в кале. 9. Gonorrheal proctitis is accompanied by a sensation of pain and burning in the anus, bloody and mucous inclusions in the stool.

Глистная инвазия протекает с болью внизу живота, а при заражении острицами характерны настойчивый зуд, покраснение и отёк кожи вокруг ануса. 10. Glistular invasion proceeds with pain in the lower abdomen, and when infected with pinworms, persistent itching, redness and swelling of the skin around the anus are characteristic.

Pain in the anus during pregnancy

Pain in the anus during pregnancy

In the life of every woman there is a place to a feat - this is a pregnancy, a beautiful time, a harbinger of motherhood. The feat requires a woman of endurance, patience and courage. For 9 months, there are many inconveniences: toxicosis, anemia, dermatitis, taste perversion, inability to take a comfortable position during sleep and hemorrhoids, which caused suffering to almost every pregnant woman.

It is called:

  • Increasing pressure of the uterus on the rectum,
  • Constipation, which develops under the influence of hormones that suppress intestinal motility to prevent premature labor, as well as due to a decrease in the physical activity of a woman,
  • Reduction of the natural level of immunity and consequent exacerbation of chronic processes.

You should know - with ectopic pregnancy , 84% of women have pains of varying intensity in the lower abdomen, in the rectum and under the scapula. Therefore, when they appear, you should, without delay, go to the gynecologist.

When should I see a doctor?

Consultation of a doctor-proctologist will not prevent in most cases the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen and anus. All these reasons should not be left without attention, you may need a checkup from a gynecologist, a surgeon, a gastroenterologist and a neurologist.

The analysis of blood, urine and feces in addition to radiography, MRI, colonoscopy will help to identify the true disease, lurking behind a symptom such as pain in the anus.

What are the pains in the anus in women?

Treatment depends on the diagnosis and is prescribed by a specialist. Since the anal cracks or hemorrhoids are often the cause of pain in the anus, the treatment regimen is usually as follows:

  1. In an acute period, anesthesia with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, Nise).
  2. The use of ointments and suppositories on the basis of heparin, troxevasin, rutin, glycerin. Drugs hydrocortisone should not be used during pregnancy.
  3. Antiseptic baths (with potassium permanganate).
  4. The use of laxatives to fight with habitual constipation only according to the doctor's appointment, taking into account the state of the intestines, and in pregnancy - the condition and tone of the uterus.
  5. Limitation of mobility in the acute period.
  6. After the abating pain - physiotherapy procedures to consolidate the positive result.

Prevention of pain in the anus

To prevent the development of pathology in the rectum, observe the rules:

  • Daily give the body a physical load in the form of a measured walk for at least half an hour.
  • Organize a healthy diet with daily consumption of herbs and vegetables, cereals, sour-milk products, vegetable and fruit juices, excluding baked pastries, sugar and confectionery.
  • To get rid of constipation, enter a regular emptying of the intestines, adhering to a strict schedule.
  • Go swimming.
  • A massage is useful.
  • Visits to the gynecologist 2 times a year.
  • When there are incomprehensible sensations - not self-medication, and consultation with a doctor.

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