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Protein diet for weight loss, what can and can not be, contraindications

Much is known about the protein diet - the principle of increasing protein-containing foods at the expense of reducing carbohydrate foods is the basis of the nutrition system.

This type of food is optimal for active people who regularly train the muscles and body and lead a mobile way of life, since proteins, namely amino acids, are the main building material for muscle tissue and substances that are directly involved in all types of metabolism.

Protein diet for weight loss

An increase in the diet of protein compounds must be combined with physical exertion, at least the smallest (hour walk, climbing stairs, active cleaning, mopping, etc.). Experienced fitness trainers claim that the effectiveness of training on simulators of people on a protein diet increases many times.

In addition to protein compounds, the menu requires the inclusion of a minimum amount of both carbohydrates and fats. According to reviews losing weight, a week of a protein diet brings a decrease in body weight from 2 to 10 kg.

The results of losing weight on a protein diet are impressive even for the most desperate skeptics and depend on three factors:

  • Caloric intake (daily);
  • The choice of products containing complex carbohydrates;
  • The total amount of pure protein compounds ingested with food (based on each kilogram of body weight).

The main advantage of the protein technique is the preservation of results over a long period after the end of the diet. According to reviews of nutritionists and fans of this food system, losing weight on a protein diet is not only effective, but also comfortable.

Remember that limiting the consumption of fruits and vegetables causes avitaminosis, so for the time of the diet should be insure, choosing a multivitamin complex.


Protein Diet Options

There are many variations of diets based on the preferential use of protein (protein) food. In most of the short-term protein techniques, the percentage of carbohydrates in the menu is minimized.

The zero intake of carbohydrates leads to a rapid burning of the fat layer, however, such an unreasonable imbalance of the substances supplied with food can cause significant damage to health, in particular, create an excessive load on the kidneys.

But the observance of a balanced diet of a protein diet leads not only to comfortable weight loss, but also to the maintenance of all physiological processes occurring in the body, is normal.

A complete rejection of carbohydrate foods is inappropriate and even harmful to health. The protein variant of the diet from the famous TV presenter Elena Malysheva has been repeatedly tested in practice.

Protein diet for weight loss Malysheva

Protein diet for weight loss Malysheva In contrast to the Dukan, Atkins or famous Kremlin diet system, the TV journalist imposes more severe restrictions on losing weight.

The protein diet of Elena Malysheva for 10 days involves the organization of a well-thought out balanced menu, strict adherence to the principles of healthy eating and allows you to lose up to ½ kg per day.

Calorie daily menu for women is not more than 1200 kcal, men - 1500 kcal. Increase the energy component of the diet by 250-300 kcal is allowed to those who are professionally involved in sports or lead an overactive lifestyle.

The maximum duration of adherence to the diet - 2 weeks. Further protein nutrition can lead to health problems.

Malysheva recommends five meals a day (the interval between meals is about 3 hours), while a single portion should not exceed 0.2 kg, regardless of the type of dishes. A low-fat milk product drunk before bedtime will help a person who is losing weight activate a cleansing of the body through the morning evacuation of feces.

The menu of the protein diet, what can you not eat?

Protein diet, what you can, what not to eat

The variety of diet allows a person to lose weight not to notice certain restrictions. The main thing in protein nutrition is to adhere to the general principles of drawing up the menu, taking into account the recommended and contraindicated products.

Prohibited Products:

  • all flour products, including confectionery, macaroni (white flour), bakery;
  • fatty meat and lard;
  • fruits with a high concentration of sugars (glucose), including fresh and dried grapes, banana, mango;
  • ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • starchy root vegetables (potatoes);
  • high glycemic index cereals (wheat, white rice, semolina);
  • refined sugar;
  • root crops with high content of glucose (carrot, beet);
  • alcohol, carbonated and energy drinks;
  • fried, canned, smoked dishes and pickles.

The basis of the protein diet menu: a list of protein-containing foods that underlie the diet:

  1. Dietary meat.
  2. Fish and seafood.
  3. Fat-free and low-fat dairy and lactic acid products.
  4. Eggs of birds
  5. Hard cheese
  6. Soy, tofu, soy milk.
  7. Forest mushrooms, champignons, oyster mushrooms.
  8. Bean vegetables.
  9. Raw nuts and seeds.
  10. Cereals (oats, brown rice, buckwheat).

Each meal includes one or more products from this, a rather abundant list. I think any girl will not cause problems to come up with dishes from such a number of permitted products. If not, see the additional list.

Optional: list of permitted foods containing complex carbohydrates

  • Pasta products from durum wheat and wholemeal flour.
  • Whole grain bread with bran.
  • Fruits, leafy greens and berries.
  • Fruits, except prohibited.

Competently make a menu of the protein diet, taking into account the characteristics of your body will help specialists-nutritionists.

Contraindications protein diet

Exceeding the diet for more than 14 days causes the following negative reactions:

  • lack of calcium;
  • increased levels of dangerous cholesterol;
  • stress for the body.

To abandon the protein diet is recommended for patients with the following pathologies:

  • Thrombosis.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, including dysbiosis.
  • Renal disease.
  • Gout.

The increase in protein foods is undesirable for the elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children under 16 years of age. If your state of health has deteriorated during the diet period, you should immediately switch to a usual diet and urgently complete a complete examination by specialized specialists (gastroenterologist, nephrologist, cardiologist).

Ease you and elegant harmony at any age!

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2018-02-09 05:39:13

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