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Analysis of hCG during pregnancy, interpretation of the result and the table

Among the list of tests that a woman should undergo during pregnancy or just planning to become a mother, one can find the abbreviation “HCG”, but what is it? This analysis shows the number of human chorionic gonadotropin, consider it in more detail.


HCG, what is it?

HCG is a hormone that has a protein nature and consists of two fractions - alpha and beta. The beta fraction of the hormone is of clinical interest, since alpha is similar in structure to other female hormones. And beta is unique - it makes it easy to identify it in the blood.

HCG analysis

The biological role of hCG in the body of a pregnant woman:

Гормон ХГЧ способствует сохранению желтого тела при беременности и выработке им прогестерона до начала полноценной работы плаценты. 1. The hormone hCG contributes to the preservation of the corpus luteum during pregnancy and the development of progesterone before the placenta begins to work. This contributes to the preservation of pregnancy and carrying a healthy child. Without a sufficient amount of hormone, motherhood will not take place. The placenta begins to synthesize female hormones independently from about the 16th week.

Хорионический гонадотропин помогает женщине привыкнуть к наступившей беременности, стимулируя надпочечники вырабатывать глюкокортикоиды, делая будущую маму более устойчивой к стрессам. 2. Chorionic gonadotropin helps a woman to get used to the coming pregnancy, stimulating the adrenal glands to produce glucocorticoids, making the expectant mother more resistant to stress. Carrying a child is a stress for the female body, especially in the early stages.

Когда уже сформировалась плацента (на 16 неделе), ХГЧ обеспечивает полноценное питание и развитие, предупреждая преждевременную отслойку. 3. When the placenta has already formed (at week 16), hCG provides adequate nutrition and development, preventing premature detachment.

В медицине практикуется введение гормона посредством инъекций. 4. In medicine, injection of the hormone is practiced. It stimulates ovulation and contributes to conception in women. Applying such injections in men can increase the level of sex hormones and improve the quality of sperm.

The rates of hCG in women

It is easy to pass an analysis on the level of hCG: it is an ordinary blood sampling from a vein. The result of the analysis is usually given on the same day or the next.

Deciphering the result of the analysis for HCG lies on the shoulders of the doctor. Independently difficult to understand the abundance of numbers and values. However, it should be remembered how the hormone level changes depending on the duration of pregnancy and to know the average indicators in non-pregnant women (see table).

Important! Indicators of the norm can vary, depending on the laboratory producing the analysis.

In girls and men, hCG values ​​should be 0–5 mU / ml. This amount is so insignificant that the test conducted on the determination of hCG in the urine does not respond to it and will show one strip.

From the first days of pregnancy, the level of hCG will increase. This happens up to 11-12 weeks, when the highest value of the hormone is noted. Then gonadotropin gradually goes down and in the last stages of pregnancy shows approximately the same value.

Increase hCG during pregnancy

With the onset of fertilization, the level of chorionic gonadotropin increases. This happens literally immediately after fertilization.

The quantitative composition of the hormone is growing steadily and reaches a maximum by week 11, and then goes into decline. In the second half of pregnancy, indicators stabilize and change little.

Rapid tests, sold in a pharmacy to determine pregnancy, can change the color when finding hCG in the urine. Although the method is not as illustrative as a blood test for HCG, it is still quite accurate. In a non-pregnant woman, the result will be negative, while the woman in the position will be able to find out if there is a pregnancy before other signs appear.

A blood test for chorionic gonadotropin is able to give an answer after 7-10 days from the moment of the meeting of the egg and spermatozoon. Obtaining the results of the analysis of hCG at such an early stage makes it possible to control the course of pregnancy almost from the very moment of fertilization.

Careful monitoring of the level of the most important hormone of pregnancy will prevent pregnancy complications, including interruption. This is true for women who have unsuccessfully tried to experience the joy of motherhood, as well as in those who are late or in women with a history of obstetric history.

If the level of hCG in a woman "in an interesting position" exceeds the normal values, then this may be evidence of the following processes in the body:

  1. When bearing two or three fruits.
  2. Fetal diseases at the chromosomal level (Down syndrome).
  3. Diabetes mellitus in the history of pregnant.
  4. Severe gestosis during pregnancy.
  5. The use of female hormones from the outside.

Lowering hCG during pregnancy

The level of gonadotropin may decrease in the following cases:

  1. With atypical location of the ovum (tubal or ectopic pregnancy ).
  2. If the fetus is lagging behind in its development.
  3. With missed abortion.
  4. In violation of blood circulation between the baby and the placenta, or between the placenta and the uterus.
  5. If the fetus died in 2 or 3 trimester .
  6. When retouching.

Increase of hCG in women and men

A blood test for the hormone hCG in a non-pregnant woman or in men provides important diagnostic information. There were cases when men made a test using a pregnancy test and got two strips for the sake of a joke.

On the one hand, it seems to be ridiculous and impossible, but on the other - this is not a reason for jokes. Chorionic gonadotropin can appear in the body of men and women with the development of a malignant tumor.

These are the so-called hormone-producing tumors that can form in the organs of the reproductive system, lungs, and stomach.

Interpretation of HCG analysis, table

Analysis of hCG during pregnancy

For the doctor, deciphering the result of hCG analysis carries a lot of information during pregnancy. Analyzing blood counts for quantitative hormone levels, the doctor will determine the gestational period with high accuracy, as well as be able to suspect an ectopic pregnancy, some pathologies of the course, an outbreak of miscarriage, etc.

This will help to take measures to save the desired child and take actions aimed at preventing complications in the future mother and her baby.

Of course, only the level of this hormone is not diagnosed. More research is needed. But it is the amount of the main hormone of motherhood that indicates a possible problem and guides the doctor in the right direction to identify this problem.

Gestational age Mean value, mIU / ml Limit values, mIU / ml
2 weeks 150 50-300
3-4 weeks 2000 1500-5000
4-5 weeks 20,000 10,000-30000
5-6 weeks 50,000 20,000-100,000
6-7 weeks 100,000 50000-200000
7-8 weeks 80,000 40000-200000
8-9 weeks 70,000 35000-145000
9-10 weeks 65,000 32500-130000
10-11 weeks 60,000 30000-120000
11-12 weeks 55,000 27500-110000
13-14 weeks 50,000 25000-100000
15-16 weeks 40,000 20000-80000
Week 17-21 30,000 15000-60000

The results of the analysis for hCG made in the laboratory can be indicated in different units of measurement: IU / ml, U / lm, IU / ml, mIU / ml are the same. Remember that the rate of results in each laboratory may be slightly different!


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